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avast! 7 BETA 7.0.1442 Released

This program update contains the following major features:
• Changes in the autosandbox module
• Improvements in Remote Assistance (support for UAC prompts etc)
• Improvements in SafeZone (protection against kernel-mode keyloggers; Updated SafeZone Browser; clipboard sharing, etc.)
• Outlook plugin redesign
• Opera support in WebRep
•SiteCorrect module for the detection of unwanted websites
• Windows 8 compatibility updates
Known Issues:
• Autosandbox still not completely finished
• Outlook plugin is not running correctly when you have more than 1 active account
•Windows 8 compatibility still experimental
• Problems with sandboxing of IE8 on Windows 7
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Level 11
haven't test beta version myself...but after going through avast forum....have found out that this beta release has so many issues related to auto sandbox, safezone and webrep support for opera.....still a lot of work for developers to fix the issues.....


Level 11
Vlk (avast global moderator) quotes on some features:
SiteCorrect module for the detection of unwanted websites
Try typing something like to the address bar of your browser...

avast! Emergency Update
A new feature -- allows us to push out critical product updates in case of some big issues where the main avast service is not able to start / crashing.
Such situations, till this new version, meant the user had to reinstall avast as there was no way for us to fix such problems from remote.
With this new mechanism, we can push out fixes even to such issues.
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