Avast and AVG block security updates email client Thunderbird


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Apr 24, 2016
Avast and AVG's antivirus software is blocking security updates for Thunderbird, the email client's developers warned on Twitter. Most recently, Avast and AVG considered Mozilla Firefox to be ransomware, causing the browser to crash. Problems with antivirus software blocking Thunderbird updates have been known for some time. These are caused by the Mail Shield component that checks incoming and outgoing messages for malware.

Back in July, users complained about the problem on Avast's forum. The forum topic in question was viewed thousands of times. Today, the Thunderbird development team reports that the antivirus vendor knows about the problem and has developed a beta version that provides a fix. When this fix will be rolled out to all users is not yet known. Mozilla follower Soeren Hentzschel labels Avast and AVG's antivirus software as "snake oil." He advises Windows users to use the free Windows Defender, which is a standard part of Windows, and costs nothing. This virus scanner is not a "constant source of problems," according to Hentzschel.
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Jan 21, 2018

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