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Feb 7, 2023
It is useless, I just tested them once and they truly didn’t help. They promised to call back and didn’t even do that. They filed a case and there was not even an email confirmation. Waste of time and money.


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Jan 8, 2011
@Dave Russo What interests you about Avast Breach Guard?

Main Features (FAQ)
  • Personal Info Remover ( -- USA ONLY -- ) simplifies the complex and time-consuming task of removing your personal info from data broker databases by submitting data removal requests to the data brokers on your behalf.
    • The USA: You are prompted to complete our info removal request form. You can then send your first data removal requests to all identified data brokers. We continuously scan for new data brokers and let you know if you need to resubmit your data removal requests.
  • Risk Monitor monitors the dark web 24/7 to alert you if your personal information has been involved in a data breach and helps you update your passwords to mitigate future risks.
    • Active: Your online accounts are currently safe. Avast BreachGuard is actively monitoring the dark web for data breaches involving your accounts.
    • Privacy threats: Your online accounts are vulnerable or breached. Click the Risk Monitor tile for more information and to resolve the detected threats.
    • Inactive: You have not yet added any monitored email accounts, so Avast BreachGuard cannot check for data breaches involving your online accounts.
  • Privacy Advisor provides step-by-step advice on how to adjust the privacy settings of your major online accounts to reduce the amount of personal information you share.
  • Identity Assistallows you to speak to one of our Identity Assist experts free of charge 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our experts offer two separate services depending on your needs:
    • ScamAssist®: Our experts can investigate potentially fraudulent solicitations (including emails, letters, and phone calls) on your behalf.
    • Identity Resolution: If you are a victim of identity theft, or you believe you may be vulnerable to identity theft, our experts can immediately take the appropriate action to remedy the situation.

"Monitor for data breaches 24/7" and "Scan the dark web for info breaches" are covered by most password managers. For other data types, there are cheaper alternatives including Google One for subscribers. "Get smart privacy advice" is freely available on online forums. If you need to pay for this advice, then you aren't listening to the people and nothing can help you keep your ID safe.

PCMag Review (2020) concluded:
It does what it promises, but it’s expensive for what it does.

Cyber-security companies will prey on their customers with extra services such as this.
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