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Step 1 -
Avast Call Blocker for iOS - Request Beta Access

Avoid annoying spam and unwanted conversations with our advanced call-screening technology.

Don’t let spam catch you off-guard
  • Stop picking up for telemarketers — Avast Call Blocker can either warn you about spam before you answer, or block calls automatically.

Block any number you like
  • Not all irritating calls are spam. Avast Call Blocker helps you avoid any unwanted conversations (or people) o you can keep your phone a happy place.

Keep your private data to yourself

  • Stay protected with our easy, noninvasive technology and ever-growing database of spam numbers.
Step 2 -
Detect and block spam phone calls with third-party apps - Apple Support

Set up a third-party app on your iOS device to help you detect and block spam phone calls.

Step 3 -
Avast Mobile Products - Forum Support


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interesting. is it something like truecaller?

anyway you can already block numbers from your iphone , without apps.
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before i don't know, but i mean hang up and block :D
when i don't know the caller i always hang up :D
TrueCaller can actively block Spam Callers (Telemarketers and more) silently, or silent ring. It's latest update integrates with Phone app on iPhone, through one of the iOS API's.

TrueCaller Free displays in-app Ads only, the Premium is subscription based.