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Good evening everyone. Thanks for your access to this thread. I hope you to read and answer for this question.

I want to ask everyone that which software should I use for keeping security of my PC.

Now I am using Bitdefender Total Security 2017 as main anti-malware soft on my main desktop PC.
And also I was using F-secure SAFE as anti-malware soft on my PC until last week.

Yesterday, I heard that new Avast Antivirus 2017 was released, and new Avast Free is including behaviour scanning system.

I am having trouble deciding which software should I use as anti-malware soft.
Please tell me about your recommend.

I think that...

→Protection features
Better : Bitdefender 2017 > F-secure SAFE > Avast Free 2017

→Performance and speed
Lighter : Avast Free 2017 > F-secure SAFE > Bitdefender 2017

→the risk of false positive trouble
Bigger risk : F-secure SAFE > Avast Free 2017 > Bitdefender 2017

→SSL (HTTPS) Scanning is enable without fake SSL certificate to browser
Unnecessary fake certificate : Avast Free, F-secure
Need fake certificate : Bitdefender Total

F-secure SAFE is the very nice solution as protection from malwares and keeping speedy PC. But it is having big risk of false positive ratings; especially the website blocking is not good with many many false positive ratings. And, sometimes slow down my PC.

Bitdefender Total Security 2017
is the best solution as protection from malwares. This software is providing users very nice anti-malware solution. But it is affecting my PC to slowdown my PC's speed, and sometime download speed down.

Avast Free Antivirus 2017 is good security solution. It is having strong protection from malware: reviewed that "5 / 5 stars" by AV-TEST. And it is the most light soft between these soft. But I think that it is not able to reach the best solution as anti-malware soft. It is not "the best software", only "good software".

I don't worry whether Original Firewall feature is included to anti-malware soft, or not. I will use Windows Default Firewall as firewall.

Please teach me about avobe my opinion and your recommend software.
Thank you very much!

My PC is...
Windows 10 Home Anniversary Editon (Latest Version)
Core i7 / 8GB RAM
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Quick question, why Bitdefender Total Protection? Do you need ALL those additional features, or looking for an Antivirus only, because there are Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Free versions.

What about other protection software like Emsisoft Anti-Malware/Internet Security or ESET Nod32 Antivirus/Internet Security?

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I recommend you to try Avast free + windows firewall or any good free third-party firewall because they are free to use and free to try for unlimited duration

You can follow some tweaking guides here on MT
I recommend when you try avast free, install only File shield, web shield and behavior shield. Game mode is optional.Other modules may slow down your PC and cause a few problems

after that, you can decide which is the best for you
F-secure, now I don't think it can beat BD or avast according to youtube reviews and tests on the hub


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Quick question, why Bitdefender Total Protection? Do you need ALL those additional features, or looking for an Antivirus only, because there are Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Free versions.

What about other protection software like Emsisoft Anti-Malware/Internet Security or ESET Nod32 Antivirus/Internet Security?

Good evening @Spawn. Thank you for your reply. Now I answer to your question.

I am having a license of Bitdefender Total Security 2016 which is able to upgrade to 2017 Total Security.
And I am also having a license of F-secure SAFE.

The reason I listed these software; Bitdefender Total Security 2017 and F-secure SAFE is due to above situation.

If you have more question, pelase tell me it by all means!
My English sentence may be not good, so please feel free to ask me!

Good evening everyone.
I want to tell you that my replies may be sent too late. Excuse me.
But I will read all messages. Thank you.
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As said before, no one needs all the features Bitdefender Total Security has to offer. You can easily get the same protection or better from Avast Free with some settings in check. I believe in your list of which offer better protection you could easily move Avast Free in front of F-Secure and equal to Bitdefender.

F-Secure, low on the resource usage but high on the false positives. Protection is alright. Could be better especially for the price. Their software is kinda expensive for what it is. Might as well skip this software considering it uses Bitdefenders signatures.

Avast Free, very low on resources, very good in protection for being free. Just install the essential features of Avast as @Evjl's Rain has stated and run it on hardened mode = aggressive. You could add WFC (Windows Firewall Control) into the mix and your set.


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Hey there!
First of all, I can't let you know my thoughts on FSecure because I have never used it. It depends, if you need more features, then I would recommend BitDefender TS 2017 (it has a firewall too). If you just need an AntiVirus, Avast will be enough with an AntiMalware software like Malwarebytes (maybe as an on-demand scanner), but BitDefender has a free product, I have used it, but it is too simple. You can't really customise the settings. Please note that BitDefender uses more resources, but I think it will not be a big problem because of your computer's specs.
I hope I helped,
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If you have licenses of BD and F-secure, I think BD is the better choice not because of it's protection compared to Avast just not to waste the license, otherwise if you do not have licenses and want to buy them now I think Avast is the best free product you can get, and if configured well it can be even better than the other two mentioned here. *just my opinion*
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Went with F-secure due to good detection rates and light on system resources. Good results with Independent tests as for detection, but the biggest con I would say are false positives. So I wouldn't reccomend for basic users. Tried out Dr. Web CureIt the other day and it marked many legitimate files as malicious. Files that were crucial to important software. If I would have just cleaned what it wanted to, it would have basically rendered many applications on my system useless. As a result I wouldn't touch Dr. Web with a ten foot poll. Couldn't believe it. But I read somewhere that F-secure may be implementing a behavior blocker soon as well. As for BF, no matter whenever I tried it out, it was always buggy. Avast is a solid free option.
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I would choose avast free out of the three options you have. it bearly affects the performance of your system , has the least fp's ourt the bunch and the addition of idp ( behaviour blocker ) makes it even stronger. fsecure runs heavy on a system , so does bitdefender. test all three of them , to see what you are most comfortable with : what works for one person does not mean it will satisfy you in the same way!
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Good morning everyone. Thank you for your kind replies. I read all.

I decided that Avast Free is the better for me to protect my PC without no speed-down.
I am confident that Avast is providing users protection enough for consumer users.

By the way, I wrote that I am having some licenses; Bitdefender Total Security and F-secure SAFE.
I got these licenses by free for test whether these soft are slowdown to my PC or not.
So I don't have any worrying about these licenses will become wasteful.

Many opinions are very useful for me. Thank you very much!;)
See you!
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