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Sep 2, 2021
Hello and welcome to the Avast Free test!
Avast is an antivirus company, very well known by novices!
For several years, Avast has offered a free solution of its flagship software.
After catastrophic beginnings, the editor has known how to mature over the years, and offers a software at the cutting edge of technology.
For 2022, Avast has strengthened the AI Machine Learning detection against unknown threats, the anti-phishing has also been improved and Avast finally integrates a firewall for free!

The interface has not changed, although I find it darker, and I like that!
The software is still well configured by default, I wanted to leave it as default.
I only activated the search for PUPs and objects, which is very important to me.

In terms of protection, Avast shows its solid reputation!
I was especially surprised by the efforts made to protect against phishing. This is the first time that Avast blocks all the sites for me!
I was also surprised by the reactivity of the antivirus engine that removed almost the entire pack!

Only, a big bug is present. If Avast detects a lot of threats, the interface freezes completely... It does not complete the cleaning either because at the launching, Avast intercepts many files...
The cleaning is a little long but in the average. Avast remains light on the system.

Watch my review on Odysee !

RAM Usage : Light
Phishing URL test : 5/5
Malware URL test : 10/10
Fake crack : 1/1
Malware Pack : Remaining 5 files to 709.
Windows displays 188 files, but all files are blocked by Avast at launch.
Only VBS files are not blocked.

Resistance to script attacks: Yes

Result :
Avast : 0
NPE : 0
ESET : 0
KVRT : 0

Recommand : Yes
System Clean : Yes, system clean


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Apr 13, 2014
I've been a believer in Avast for years. It just plain works. Lots of privacy, bloat, etc.... issues. however still top notch. As are you and your tests!!! (if they hadn't dropped their antispam, I'd still be using it. Possibly on all 12 pc's)

peace to all ✌️

Anthony Qian

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Apr 17, 2021
73% detection rate (in scan test), is not that good, I thought it would be much higher. Greetings, thanks for the test.
Avast’s Machine learning (EvoGen) protection technology is more likely to be triggered when executing files than when scanning files. Also, in addition to static scanning, there are a number of protection layers to protect users from malware, such as dynamic heuristic + cloud scanner (CyberCapture), behavioral detection (IDP), Ransomware Shield, AMSI, exploit prevention, and sensitive data protection - they work upon execution files.