Battle Avast Free Antivirus or Windows Defender for a Gaming PC?

Software comparison
Windows Defender
Avast Free 19.1.2360
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Dec 5, 2018
It lacks in certain features compared to more comprehensive suites, but then again security software is only as effective as the end user.

For example: IDS/HIPS
- User runs a program downloaded from the Internet.
- An alert to prompt user of suspicious activity.
- If user allows = Risk / Malware.
- If user blocks = No Risk / Crashes program.

sure, thank you.


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May 20, 2017
So this is a hard question. If it was my i would go with avast. Be aware that avast can throw up some very annoying ads sometimes and they have to make money somehow so they are selling your data. To what extend who knows. Unlike others here i will disagree about windows defender. I think its very resource intensive. I run a lot of VMs and defender seems to suck the life out of them so many times. The first thing i do is generally put another AV on them. I've seen WD consuming more than 50% cpu & 300-400MB of memory. When you have a VM that maybe has 2-4GB you can really tell. Avast is effective & very light weight.

Granted i don't choose avast. I would choose Kaspersky Free & then Bitdefender Free in that order. I like kaspersky better because the ram usage is much much better.


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Sep 22, 2017
Thank you all for the replies, think possibly made informed decision, and think gonna go with Avast Free, as it's more light weight than Defender, gave Defender a try on my main Desktop, and observed it using a lot of CPU and memory at times, despite I never messed around with VIrtual machines at all. Hopefully this is right decision now, I think it is more so than before I asked this question. Then again did use Avast Free since 2006 on old Desktop PC, this newer gaming system decided to give Defender a try a bit longer than i did in past

Plus while was doing some video encoding, CPU temp with Defender was going up into the high 70C range, imagine it was using alot of cpu during those tasks on main desktop.

Who knows i might give Defender another shot in t he future when 1903 releases or a future version after that
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