Avast vs Avira

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List of apps to compare
Avast vs Avira
What I am most interested about
Learning curve (Ease of Use)
Graphical User Interface
Exclusive Features & Functionality


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Hello everybody.
I was looking over the various comments here in MT, about good free antivirus. I have a little more knowledge about how to behave, in the meantime have many colleagues who have difficulties to protect yourself in a proper way.
I would like to hear from you guys, what would be the best choice so that I can recommend to my friends: Avast or Avira.
Some items that I think is important:
Detection of common malware threat and zero hour
Pups and adware detection (users have much problems with it)
Additional tools and layers of protection
That comes bundled with these antivirus ('s banner, ads, a way to block it) Programs
Impact in less robust, simple system (browser is slow, etc.)

I thank all who help me :)
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Avast! seems to meet your needs more. Avast has a ton of features, PUP detection, and common malware detection. Avira would be better in malware detection and performance, though. Consider ESET is you want PUP detection + very good malware detection and protection + very complicated, but doesn't have the "ton of features". Keep in mind that it costs $39.99.


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Detection = AVIRA
PUPS & Adware = AVAST (IF you enable PUP detection)
Interface = AVAST
Additional Layers = AVAST
Light on system = AVIRA

I hope i helped you ;)
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I use both but I haven't tried the latest version of Avira. Between the two I'll say its' Avast. Running on a clean system I believe both are even but when a malware is detected that's when Avira slows down. Let's say you navigated to a folder with a malware, should Avira detect it, it would do a system scan. While it's doing it you opened a different folder with infected files, then you'll have two ongoing system scans. That feature is what I don't like about Avira, it's slows me down. Nonetheless I still use Avira Portable as on demand AV scanner. On an highly infected system, Avast's Boot Scan will save your a$$ if you have a hard time removing the infection in Normal Mode and can't boot in Safe Mode. Regionally speaking, both Avast and Avira have better detection rates on locally written worms compared to others with a slight edge on Avira. Based on my experience, Avira uses more resources compared to Avast.
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