Avast free vs Avira free

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For me Avira.
Is complete free (Avast must been activated every year via email). Have better signatures but don't have included web protection. For this is here Avira Browser Safety. UI hm i like Avira UI more that AVAST. Both are very light and fast.


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I'm avast user, both have good things.

Avast: has good .gen detection, stream updates, NG + cloud detection, hardened mode. The downside is the damn ads.
Avira: has good detection, APC is amazing, updates every 2 hours. The downside is that they don't have 0-day protection (scripts can bypass the AV), removal issues and the exclusion list works wierd.

I can't tell you what to use, you should try and see what works best for you.

AVG is a good product too (you can take a look, IDP is very, very good). My top 3 is: Avast, AVG, Avira. I also love Tencent PC Manager (if you wanna use chinese software and you are not paranoid)


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My humble vote goes to Avast!

Avast Free- Multi layer protection (File system shield + Web shield + NG (virtual scan) +extra security features like Hardened mode, Browser cleanup, Router security check etc.

Avira Free- Single layer protection (File system real time detection)
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