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Security solutions provider Avast has acquired, a privacy company that specializes in protecting users against apps that are insecure or ones that collect too much information.

“The acquisition reinforces AVAST's position as a worldwide leader in security. By including’s cutting-edge social-privacy and security technologies in our own security offerings, we will be giving customers even greater confidence in their online experience, whether they are on a PC, tablet, or a mobile device,” said Avast CEO Vincent Steckler.

The technologies brought to the table by – including ones that focus on advanced content inspection, social media privacy, and mobile device application security – allow Avast to further enhance its products.

In addition, Avast will also benefit from’s Facebook security application, which uses sophisticated algorithms to identify actions that could impact users’ privacy, security and reputation.

“We were always fans of the solutions and underlying technologies that has developed and brought to market,” added Avast CTO Ondrej Vlcek, “and now we’re working at light-speed to fully integrate them into both our free and premium offerings, so our couple hundred million users can get all of the great benefits these capabilities deliver.