Avast Internet Security VS Kaspersky Internet Security 2017

  • Avast Internet Security

  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2017

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Level 4
There is no point in paying for Avast. You get everything you need with the free version. With that being said, definitely KIS. It offers a level of protection that surpasses Avast and to be honest most other AVs. I would say it is in the top 2 best in the industry. Download it for yourself and try it out for 30 days. Also check out the Malware Hub and Video Reviews to see how it performs.


Level 5
It depends! If you're a top-notch user then go for Kaspersky on manual mode and you'll get superior protection ( I mean if you can well deal with warnings requiring advanced user to decide). But if you're an ordinary user just go for Avast. It offers excellent protection and simplicity. Also Avast is lighter than Kasper is. ( on my sister's laptop Dell Inspiron N4030)

Dave Russo

Level 13
New Avast 2017 on my computer showed way more slowdown then before,Kaspersky seems to be the go to guy these days


Level 13
Avast has spent 1.3 billion dollars buying AVG, making to grow the user base of 400 million. It seems they have 40% of the world market.

Kaspersky invests a lot of energy in research. It is likely they detect about 300,000 new malware every day.

My vote goes to Kaspersky.
Ehm avira detects like 1.6 million treaths/day
As they find like 50 million treaths/month...