Would you try Avast Mobile Security now that Premium features are now FREE?

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AVAST Mobile Security: Avast – Mobile antivirus & security for 2015

AVAST for Android: Avast for Android | Free Protection And Performance Apps

Download: Mobile Security & Antivirus - Android Apps on Google Play

"Avast Mobile Security for Android scans and secures against infected files, unwanted privacy phishing, malware, spyware, and malicious viruses such as trojans. This newest version contains features previously reserved for subscribers but is now completely FREE!"

Mobile Security for Android
  • Antivirus Engine: Virus and malware scanner automatically scans for infected apps, Trojans and new apps for safety upon first use. Includes Web & file scanning for complete mobile protection, and also protects against avg spyware and viruses.
  • App Permissions: Provides insights about installed apps and helps you understand your apps’ access rights, ad network integrations, and permissions.
  • Call Blocker: Allows you to retain your privacy. Block numbers from those you don’t want to be able to contact you.
  • Web Shield: Scans and blocks malware-infected links, as well as trojans, adware, and spyware (for privacy and safe Web browsing) and even USSD numbers (which have the ability to wipe your device's memory). Also fixes mistyped URLs.
  • App Locking: Retain security and privacy of sensitive content by locking any app with a PIN.

Advertising Advisory: You may see in-app Ad/Sponsored apps for AMS on Mobile (Android), although I have not seen any on AMS for Tablet (Android).


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I voted "Other"
I want to try it but in beta it was using some major resources on my LG smart phone.
Now that it's out of beta I may give it a peek again, It is out of beta now isn't it Huracan ?
Nevermind I see now it says "Stable" lol


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I voted "no" since I think that any AV on Android is a waste of resources if you don't install apps from unknown sources.


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I voted "no" since I think that any AV on Android is a waste of resources if you don't install apps from unknown sources.
I have seen reports of infected apps coming from Google Play.
Just because the app happens to be from a known source does not mean that the app is safe.

No. I don't want to try the features now that they are free.
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I voted Other because I think security risks on Android are much higher then just scanning an .apk file. Android has no security for users when it comes to public wifi internet connections, device info and local IP can be easily hacked. An anti-virus program should probably consider these use cases and add security layers for users offered by a VPN service such as purevpn. User should be secure from all perspectives.


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No because I don't need AV on my mobile since I just usually browse only here (MT), Facebook and productive research on Google.

But I can see that Avast is indeed generous to provide certain features from Premium to be completely free without limitations.

For sure its all about security wise rather than marketing tactics since Avast do it all the time for giving certain features to be free.


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I voted no because i tried it once and it didnt pick up a virus in an app that i mistakenly installed!


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I'm using AMS for more than a week already. So far, so good. :)

Along with this is the free Avast Anti-Theft Premium. I think you still need to activate the premium, for free of course.
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