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Update 2015: Avast Mobile BackUp is now an integrated part of Avast Mobile Security.
Avast – Mobile antivirus & security for 2015

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Backup your Android phone and tablet.

The app backs up:
+ Contacts
+ Call logs
+ Photos
+ Music (premium)
+ Videos (premium)
+ Apps (premium)

avast! Mobile Backup is a free Android backup solution provided by the makers of the top-rated and award-winning free avast! Mobile Security app with antivirus and anti-theft.

This app is FREE, but if you would like to backup also music, video, and apps, then you need to buy the Premium version (can be done later, from within the free version).
Homepage - Avast Free Mobile Security | Antivirus & Anti-Theft App for Android mobile & tablet

We now offer a premium pack which includes more security features!

Google Play - Mobile Security & Antivirus - Android Apps on Google Play

+ App Locking: Locks an unlimited number of apps.
+ Ad Detector: Detects ads and provides full details of their tracking systems.
+ Password Check: Automatically locks after 3 wrong attempts to unlock.
+ Geo-Fencing: Phone performs specified actions (e.g. lock, siren, send location) when outside of some set perimeter (e.g. you go to a cafe and enable it with a 500m perimeter, so if somebody steals your phone and takes it beyond this perimeter, it activates your specified actions).
+ Remote SMS: Remotely send SMS from the phone.
+ Remote Data Recovery: Remotely retrieve data from the phone.
+ Remote Identification: Take picture of the thief when he/she tries to unlock device (use front or back camera, with face recognition). Record audio, with voice recognition.
+ Backup Features: Allows backup of video, audio, and apps (including settings and data for rooted phones, e.g. game progress).
+ Premium pricing (auto-renewal): £2 monthly, or £12 yearly
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Avast is with-out question moving in the right direction for Android platform and the price is right! Thank you! For the information and update, Earth!


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Android is an insecure operating platform.

Edit: This shows how flawed the system really is..


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Dima007 said:
Thank you, Kaspersky also have a good solution NOT?
Yeah,all the popular av vendors have a good security suite for android,but their effectiveness must be tested...

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the best security for your phone? keep it in your pocket ^^


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I was waiting till the day they would make a paid product of this. If they didn't they would be loosing alot of money in the Android market.