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After upgrading to Avast 18.6.2349, numerous users on the Avast Forums have started to complain about not being able to browse web sites. When users attempted to diagnose the issue they found that this is not a total loss of connectivity as they could ping IP addresses, but could were able to not access web sites via a browser.

Forum post on Avast's Site

When disabling the Avast WebShield component, which protects users from browsing to malicious sites or scripts, users reported that they were once again able to browse the web as normal.

In one support forum post, a Avast employee named Filip Braun stated that this problem could be caused by a failed update that left old Avast drivers behind.

We have identified the issue as a problem during program update, that left some old Avast stuff there, that should have been updated.​
To fix the problem please perform a repair: Repairing Avast Antivirus | Official Avast Support
Or uninstall and newly re-install your Avast Antivirus.​
Permanent fix for the update issue is coming in future version.​
Thank you,​

Avast forum regulars are suggesting that users perform a clean install of Avast to see if that resolves the issue.

Avast causing conflicts in Malwarebytes

To make matters worse, Malwarebytes users who have Avast installed are also reporting numerous problems this week as well after upgrading Avast. Some of the issues being reported include being unable to open the program's dashboard, errors using Malwarebyte's support tool, Malwarebytes crashing, or the inability to keep real time protection enabled.

Full Story Avast Users Having Internet Issues & Malwarebytes Conflicts After Upgrade
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It's things like this that are slowly turning people away from 3rd party suites. Im not by any means saying all 3rd party products are crap, (theres tons of great options out there), they all have their issues, but it does prove a point that issues can be caused by 3rd parties and its not always Microsoft's fault. Some may still try to blame this on Microsoft however.

Regardless hopfully this is fixed soon and doesn't take a week or more.
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