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Did you find any bugs in Avast 8 ?

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May 3, 2011
Jack said:
My girlfriend and brother have both installed Avast 8 on their laptops since it was initially released . I asked them both and they didn't have any kind of issues with Avast 8 installed..... :)

I believe the performance issues, system crashes and BSOD are highly exaggerated. Still not even one of my 50+ customers have reported any issues with Avast 8 upgrade, I still have not experienced the issues on 6 of my systems (different spec) currently running Avast 8.

Believe me if this was a major issue that applied to most systems, I would have already run into at least one system that this applied to and still not even one.

The users have are having problems must have some kind of compatibility problems with other software.



Staff member
Jan 24, 2011
I have played with Avast 8 Free Antivirus, and I have managed to find a conflict with Sandboxie and Internet Explorer.
With Avast 8 installed, whenever I was trying to start Internet Explore in Sandboxie, I was getting this error:
SBIE1151 Cannot handle instruction FE77753E: D9,89,54,24,40,4C,89,44,24,48,83,64
SBIE2303 Could not hook ChangeServiceConfig2W (2)
SBIE2318 DLL initialization failed for 'sechost.dll'
SBIE1151 Cannot handle instruction 77BAF87E: 3E,FF,FF,FF,48,83,C4,38,C3,90,90,90
SBIE2303 Could not hook SetWindowsHookExW (2)
SBIE2318 DLL initialization failed for 'user32.dll'

Firefox and Chrome managed to run in Sandboxie with any issues, however IE was not able to run and Sandboxie generated the above code.
After I have uninstall Avast 8, I managed to run Internet Explore in Sandboxie without any issues...


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Jan 30, 2013
Running Avast internet security 8 on 3 pcs no problem at all. 100% perfect!:heart:


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Feb 4, 2012
When I installed Avast! 8 free on my pc, windows 8 doesn't detected it. Win8 keeps nagging me about Windows defender being off. I tried to uninstall avast then install it again. The previous problem was fixed then another problem came up. I can't register Avast via Facebook and E-Mail so I end up uninstaling it.
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