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Post here your avatar (created or not by yourself), so we can enjoy it in large version ^^

there is my new one, i just created the text

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lol, just thinking dong this made me tired :p

I applied a melting effect first to get the basis of the brush-strokes on the cow, and then cleaned it all up by hand, then added orange coloured # in two orange tones around the edge, then hand melted that with a smudge tool, cleaned it all up again, added some dodge and voila :) Took me about half an hour I'd say in total but it's a nice effect, I like having some colour in my avatar for a change
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For anyone wondering how I put my avatars together, here's a little preview:

And large version of the finished avatar, complete with some more colour blends and painted text:

I'm most proud of this one, a lot of work went into it (probably an hour and a half) :p Makes quite a statement right ;)