Which is your choice ?

  • AVG Internet Security 2015

    Votes: 10 30.3%
  • avast! Internet Security 2015

    Votes: 23 69.7%
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I find AVG a little more buggy when it comes to removing threats, sometimes if you click the remove threat button twice it comes up with an error. I find that avast is a little easier to use and that their pop ups are significantly less intrusive compared to AVG.


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Likely I will go in favor for Avast IS, seems not only their components makes good but something it can be efficient especially sandbox feature fully enabled. ;)


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Avast is much better. It has better zero day protection and I tested it's detection and it came to be 97.28% on 1 day old samples which is impressive. On the other side AVG has a detection rate of about 89% and it's zero day protection isn't just up to the mark so avast emerges as the clear winner among the 2.


both offer the same level of protection , but AVG has still not learned from their former mistakes regarding the toolbar and securesearch. if you take a look at their support forums , customers are still complaining about their hompage being " hijacked " and the toolbar is forced on them. other than that internet securtiy ran smooth on my computer , without any hesitation. despite all of this I am not longer a hall of famer , because other than " forcing " the toolbar and secure search the company uses scaretactics : when running a 1 time free scan with tuneup the user is presented with an astronomical amount of registry errors and other false positives in order to make a buck. this is why my vote does not go to AVG , have not tried avast in a long time , so I cannot vote on them too.


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we use to say installing AVG is like installing a virus.
Unfortunetly true in a way. It caused problems when I tested AVG on a fresh and empty PC. I expected more in the new version, but it ran worse! :( It scanned fine, and updated ok, but the problems were in excessive RAM spikes, booting oddities, and USB stick freezing/dissapearing.

No recommendation from me either. :eek:
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Both are good.... AVG has a nicer interface .... Avast is lighter .... AVG sometimes struggles in malware removal

Although the new version of Avast is not bug free I think Avast is still the better choice
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In my experience - AVG is better with smoother and more bug-free experience. Avast's releases are buggier with each new one - many perks but nice if half are working as expected. For me for quite some time now Avast has never gotten out of beta stage. And the DPC latency problem with their firewall and the audio stuttering under heavy traffic are more than an year old and not yet resolved.
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