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What’s new in AVG Internet Security / Protection?
(This beta will be available from our Beta Portal within the next couple of days. Test both this and AVG PC TuneUp to increase your chances of winning an iPad Air!

  • Brand-new installer
  • Real-Time Cloud Detection to help instantly spot new malware outbreaks and better protect you against malicious websites
  • And other improvements
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When will the new beta link be release? For download of the software?

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have they reduced the number of running processes ??
Why does that matter, if it works, then no need to change. Each process runs a seperate task, and it's better for stability.
When will the new beta link be release? For download of the software?
You need to be a registered AVG Beta Tester to access the download links. There's no current public beta link for download.

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This is information that provided me our friend starchild76. With his permission, I copy and paste what he wrote to me:

"The new version of AVG Will not be heavilly marketed , as being the 2016 version.

The main focus for the devellopment team , whas the overall improvement of the av engine and the detection ratios! The team has been working almost two years on develloping a clever adaptive learning module for unknown malware. Furthermore There Will be new cloud detection ; Crowd cloud intelligence. A sandbox has been discussed but needs to be very good , to be truely effective.

Our manager did not have Any further info If this going to be implemented in a later point of time. He also stated , That AVG wants to become the best av product on the market!! "

He sends his best wishes to all of us! :)
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