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In today's world privacy has become a premium and companies and governments are the ones in the hotseat thanks to Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks and others. People are searching out ways to avoid being tracked, a difficult task in this current society. AVG is the latest to offer a solution.

The security firm is announcing Crumble, a new extension for Chrome that promises you can "surf without surveillance". The app comes from the Innovation Labs and is still in beta at the moment, but users can start testing it out now.

It won't protect you from the NSA, but it will prevent the tracking of cookies. AVG claims "While this is not the first solution of its kind, we do think that our implementation makes Crumble the best solution against online cookie tracking".

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we , the AVG hall of famers had the pleassure a couple of days ago , to have a sneak preview on this! privacyfix also has this , so it beats me why they develloped this. the extension seems to work good in my case and does not slowdown webbrowsing. thanks for the share @Petrovic