Battle AVG Ultimate vs Bitdefender Total Security

Software comparison
AVG Ultimate
Bitdefender Total Security
Feature comparison
  1. Ease of use
  2. Impact on hardware performance
  3. Most available features
  4. Core protection (malware and heuristic engine)
  5. Internet protection (web filtering, anti-phishing, anti-spam, browser extension)
  6. Proactive protection (anti-exploit, behavior blocker, IDS-HIPS, sandbox)
  7. Network protection (firewall, anti-botnet)
  8. Ransomware protection
  9. Banking and payments protection
  10. Machine learning and A.I. capabilities
  11. Privacy protections (VPN, anti-tracking)
  12. My privacy (GDPR, data handling, privacy policies)


Level 33
Apr 1, 2019
I vote AVG if you care about update size and writes on your SSD. If you have a drive with high TBW endurance it may not be a big deal, but still could be a consideration. From looking at lots of tests it seems Bitdefender’s behavior blocker is a bit better, but AVG is a lot faster with new signatures, Bitdefender has been a bit slow to add them and rely on their web filtering very heavily. @McMcbrad can probably correct any inaccuracies about my statements. I just put AVG in my laptop in addition to already having it on my gaming rig because I liked it so much. I use the Internet Security version because I don’t need the extras and it already has the file scanner. One note about Bitdefender is I had occasional slow down from their firewall that I am not seeing from AVG. Hopefully that wall of text helps.


Level 6
Jul 2, 2020
AVG Ultimate is a whole suite packed with VPN and TuneUP. If you don't need this, you can get AVG Internet Security.

As for Bitdefender vs AVG, AVG is lighter, scans faster and has a more polished feeling to it overall. It also has much more settings than Bitdefender. Protection-wise, there is very small difference, if any. Avast/AVG's reaction to new thteats is faster than Bitdefender.

You can still try them both and decide, but even then, AVG will be a clear winner.
You sir have convinced me that AVG is better overall. Please take my vote sir.


Level 33
Apr 1, 2019
Only one correction, Bitdefender's behavioural blocking and ML/AI is by no means better than AVG. AVG/Avast also use reputation, but there is no evidence to support that Bitdefender has any detection similar to FileRepMalware (Avast). Avast/AVG's behavioural blocking has been around for longer than BD ATD and covers a broad range of threats, and issues. I believe they are on par, but AVG is one idea better.
The static scan ML seems lighting years ahead of Bitdefender.
I stand corrected, thanks for the edification. I was actually curious about this.


Level 75
Content Creator
Malware Hunter
Aug 17, 2014
Just wondering about how many votes are done for AVG, where are those people who always complaining about Privacy "issues" of Avast/AVG

Last year, we had similar "Battle" threads and the winner was BD as users said it has been improved in terms of performance and system impact...


Level 51
Content Creator
Apr 24, 2016
Maybe I am too Dutch, but I don't see the need for those full suites anymore.
In all my early Windows years (starting with Windows 95) I have bought them all.
Nowadays I find a free av coupled with some system hardening more than enough.
I prefer to spend my money on other things (like things for my house, car, games, hardware).


Level 26
Aug 4, 2016
Maybe I am too Dutch, but I don't see the need for those full suites anymore.
In all my early Windows years (starting with Windows 95) I have bought them all.
Nowadays I find a free av coupled with some system hardening more than enough.
I prefer to spend my money on other things (like things for my house, car, games, hardware).
Yes but many who are MD fans often use some form of hardening / firewall additions etc & maybe that becomes a suite - I'm a suite fan though :):) The costs of AV's now is minimal & would hardly buy you anything off amazon for example (external hard drive case maybe)


Level 32
Content Creator
Jun 24, 2016
As a user for both products, I'll answer each point one by one:
  • Ease of use: AVG is probably a winner here. Both GUI are very clean, although BitDefender's main interface with movable shortcuts and tools can get a bit messy. AVG shortcuts are clear and static, you don't need to search much for anything.
  • Impact on hardware performance: I'd say tie. AVG has the option to set antivirus to scan only accessed programs, and BitDefender has similay (not quite the same) options. Both can get very fluid and quick, and booting time on my laptop are almost the same.
  • Most available features: AVG wins here. BitDefender doesn't include "many modules", but is solid enough. Still, their modules aren't as configurable as AVG, and definitely does not have a secret cave for configuration like geek:area.
  • Core protection (malware and heuristic engine): both offer decent protection. I've found ADT (Advanced Threat Protection from BitDefender) to be more sensitive to suspicious activity/changes. This wouldn't necessarily mean it's "better", but more sensitive for sure. Haven't had the time to make specific malware tests, but they perform similar, although I cannot say much about AVG technology on dealing with new/fresh malware (Bitdefender never failed me here).
  • Internet protection (web filtering, anti-phishing, anti-spam, browser extension): IMO BitDefender is a winner. I get daily blocking with surfing the web, on phishing/scammy/shady sites, and after weeks with AVG none of these.
  • Proactive protection (anti-exploit, behavior blocker, IDS-HIPS, sandbox): as for Behaviour Blocker I've talked already, and I have never personally seen anti-exploit or sandbox with these two products, or I haven't seen the first one in action.
  • Network protection (firewall, anti-botnet): AVG offers a deeper personalization for network protection and botnet issues, while BitDefender does this job quietly in the background. Also their firewall offers no notifications on default (you can enable them but then every single things displays a pop-up and drives you insane).
  • Ransomware protection: both products offer "protected folders" module, and allow to block/allow specific applications to modify these folders. AVG gives a little more tweaking options, while BitDefender doesn't; but it offers Ransomware Remediation which detects ransomware activity and automatically backs up affected files, while will then restore after the malware has been blocked.
  • Banking and payments protection: decent similar protection.
  • Machine learning and A.I. capabilities: haven't invested myself enough into these as to offer a solid argument.
  • Privacy protections (VPN, anti-tracking): both products offer these. As for VPN, both are powered by somebody else. Anti-Tracking in BitDefender allows privacy protection online. AVG also offers confidential files shield which protects sensitve documents which may contain personal info, passwords, etc.
  • My privacy (GDPR, data handling, privacy policies): BitDefender is Romanian, AVG is Czech. None of these belong to the five eyes, but each handles privacy according to their own terms. Never had any issue with BD here. AVG/Avast we all know what happened, although they claim to be clean now, it's up to everybody.
Both are solid products in their paid versions. You can't go wrong with any, just make sure to tweak them to preference.