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Very Good Review

Good to see that Avira Protection Cloud in action, and protected system very well

And i like to see malware pack executing test for future videos (My opinion)

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"Avira does not have 0 day protection, it's useless" TR/Fake (Cloud)

How to improve your reviews:
1. Test antivirus online and offline. This is for me a important point that all reviewers miss, clouds can be busy or unreachable, this can be a security issue. (you need to download samples first for offline test)

2. If Antivirus fail with default settings, test same samples with improved settings to see the difference

3. If you start to test malware packs, don't make the typical error "file remaining = av miss", some antivirus have a great capability to clean infected files if they can. (one method is rename all files to the hash before scan and compare name and hash after scan, another is send missed samples to virustotal.)

4. Add Process Explorer (Sysinternals) in 1/4 of screen to see if files are running on memory or not (and add virustotal column).

5. Disable network functions on AV in host machine.

6. Ensure you Have:
- Java
- Net framework
- pdf reader
- Office
- Microsoft visual c++ Redistributable (2005, 2008, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 all in x86 and x64 if necessary)

7. Don't list non windows files (in this video you download a .apk file) if you don't scan it manually


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"Avira does not have 0 day protection, it's useless" TR/Fake (Cloud)
Hmmm... isn't that the usual?

What free Antivirus has zero day protection? I thought most had vunerabilities in this area except for Comodo and Avast.
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