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I have iPhone as my personal daily driver however for my work number I am using LG Q6 (came free with my contract). I am not using so many fancy stuffs like games and weird software. I have been using Avira Security on my phone for a long time however, after the last OS update (Android 8) suddenly I noticed my phone is draining battery. The app which is using about 60-70% of the batter is Avira.

I contacted the support and they asked me to remove and reinstall it. No changes. They asked me to remove my VPN software which I am not using on daily basis. I did, not changes. Now I am kind of tired of this issue.

Apart from the batter I am really happy with Avira Security and the features that it has and the response time of their support is kind of long like 1/2 days. I would appreciate your suggestion about my problem.
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simply uninstall the applications.
I use ESET Mobile and I have no such problems.
moreover, these security applications so much that one can choose something.