Avira Prime 2021 or 2022
3.00 star(s)
Installation Feedback
Did you had any issues finding the download button on the site?: No
How big or small was the setup file?: 5MB
Did you had any issues while installing this program?: No
Should our members uncheck any boxes?: There are no check bocks
How fast and intuitive was the setup wizard?: Not fast
How long did it took (in minutes) to complete the installation process?: 30 mins
Interface (UI)
5.00 star(s)
Interface Feedback
Do you like the user interface when compared with other similar products?: Yeah i agree
Was the product's interface intuitive and user-friendly, or did it make it hard to find important tools?: Nah
Are the settings and options easy to understand for beginners?: Yeah
Does it lack any options or features that other similar security products have?: No
4.00 star(s)
Usability Feedback
Is this a user friendly security product? Would you recommend it to all users or only the the more advanced users?: Yeah!
Are the notifications or alerts easy to understand when they pop-up?: Yes
On default settings, does this product need a user interaction or works with minimal interaction?: It works with the normal protection
Is this product prone to false positives?: Yes
How easy is to start a system and how long does it take to complete? Are the types of scans available enough for most situations?: Some people say its slow but for me its fast
How long does it take to perform a full system scan?: Have not tried
Are the options in the tray icon enough for most tasks?: Yes
Does this product have any additional built-in security tools that you find useful?: Yeah
Performance and System Impact
3.00 star(s)
Performance and System Impact Feedback
Overall, did this product slowed down your device ? Would you consider it a light or heavy security product?: Light
How much RAM and/or CPU power does it use when the computer is idle, you browse the internet, download a file, play a game or other common activities?: 50MB
Did you feel any slow down while performing everyday tasks such as:
Opening and saving files
Launching a program
Installing or uninstalling a program
Copying files or downloading files
Archiving and unarchiving
Downloading files
Browsing the Internet
Playing games? No
How did this product affect the boot time of your device? Kind of
Overall, did this product slowed down your device ? Would you consider it a light or heavy security product? Would you recommended for a gaming PC or a device with very low specs? Yeah
4.00 star(s)
Protection Feedback
How effective is this product are at protecting the computer against active real-world malware threats while using the Internet?: I would say thats average to me but i recommend search software crack and go onto each link to see if its blocked by the antivirus or not
What layers of protection does this product have?: 4
How effective is each component of this product? How effective is the antivirus engine, web guard, behavior blocker and other available components at blocking malware?: Yeah its good
Did you had any recent security incidents?: No How did this product behave?: Really good!
Tells us a bit about your browsing habits or device usage and how this product behave from a protection point of view.
How effective is this product at blocking 0-day malware threats, ransomware, phishing links or keeping users safe while banking on their device?: Not tired
Real-time file system protection
5.00 star(s)
Internet Surf protection
5.00 star(s)
Network protection
5.00 star(s)
  1. It's a free software
  2. Lots of great features
  3. Low impact on system resources
  4. Highly configurable
  5. Easy to use
  6. Simple and non-intrusive
  7. Ransomware protection
  8. Strong and reliable protection
  9. Blocks even brand new malware
  10. Consistently high test scores
  11. Accurate and reliable antivirus engine
  12. Effective malicious URL blocking
  13. Virus signatures are updated very often
  14. Excellent scores in independent tests
  15. Great value
  16. Features you can't get elsewhere for free
  17. Effective malware removal
  18. Well designed, clear interface
  19. Multiple layers of protection
  1. Advanced users may want more control
  2. Nags about purchasing other version
  3. Scans can be rather slow
Software installed on computer
Less than 30 days
Recommended for
  1. All types of users
Overall Rating
5.00 star(s)
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    This software may behave differently on your device.

    We encourage you to compare these opinions with others and take informed decisions on what security products to use.
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