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Hello everyone, I am in doubt between two antivirus, Avira Pro or Norton, I usually do bank transactions over the internet and etc, I looked at some tests and noticed that both have good scores, which is the experience of yours that is better than mine , what license should I buy? Thank you :giggle:


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Well, upon my experience, few technologies can outcome Norton's SONAR (BB). I think that, despite a few bugs here or there, nothing serious when I tested, Symantec is a serious company and offers solid products. I would go with Norton.
Well, the two AV have similarities in its' features but, I am more fond of Norton. Because I also make transactions online, I like its' features especially the Email and Instant Message Attachment Monitoring that scans Apple Mail and Messages for suspicious attachments and other tricks that used to steal identity and hard-earned money.
Norton is better choice for you. The one distant protection feature that Avira doesn't have, but Norton does have is a behavior blocker. Avira zero-day protection is done in the cloud through behavior-based detection and aggressive heuristics with pattern matching. Avira cannot against protect you against an unknown file if it is not capable of matching a suspicious pattern from their cloud databases. This means by using Avira, you are vulnerable to the riskiest malware, you can come across that can bypass Avira cloud based detection mechanisms. Norton has a good behavior blocker that can protect you against unknown malware regardless your computer is connected to the Internet or not.

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Well, Norton gets my vote for its all round protection..SONAR is very very GOOD.
AvirA is ok if u pair it with an other shields like NVT, voodooshield..but in this contrast NORTON leads the race
Norton CLOUD engine is too Aware !!
SYMANTEC is pretty serious about their products..right from customer feedback to the bugs.always the first to respond
Just see their marks from any independent tests since the beginning..its always FULL including Android and Linux products.

Their products are a bit costlier than any..but surely QUALITY Reflects but a bit too much:)(y)
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