AVL antivirus false positives?

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    Device model:
    Alcatel idol 4
    Operating System and Version:
    Android 6.0.1
    Super User:
    Infection date and initial symptoms:
    Not sure if infected , but have had symptoms of rapid memory loss due to files that cannot be accessed. AVL antivirus is picking up alot of system apps as adware and different varients possibly but I tend to think they are false. No other a/v picks anything up. It's been going on for two months maybe.
    Current issues and symptoms:
    SD card errors along with Google play services errors , did a reset factory mode on it again , so cleared memory out for now .
    Steps taken in order to remove the infection:
    None, cricket wireless has a special lock on boot and it takes a special method to root, I haven't seen much of anything as of yet for the cricket version , but there are the same ones out there unlocked GSM that are root able. Without root I cannot determine much ATM..
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    Yes, i see that there's nothing to worry about as they are zipped up in an apk file. Only causes problems when installed. Probably safe to ignore unless the symptoms countinue.
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    I hardly think system files are corrupted. You may be experiencing Android issues, not malware. I'd suggest, if the problem persists, to flash the firmware via PC. As well, you can connect the phone to your computer and scan with your regular antivirus.