Latest Changes
May 25, 2019
Windows Edition
Version or Build no.
System type
64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
Security Updates
Automatic Updates (recommended)
User Access Control
Network Security (Firewall)
Windows Defender Firewall
User Account
Accounts
Malware Testing
I do not participate in downloading malware samples
Real-time Web & Malware Protection
Kaspersky Security Cloud Free - Harlan 's Tweaks
Hard Configurator - Recommended Settings + Disable Win. Script Host
Osarmor - Default Settings
RTP - Custom security settings
  • Major changes for Increased security
  • RTP - Details of Custom security settings
    Windows Firewall - Block all incoming connections
    Virus and Malware Removal Tools
    Browsers and Extensions
    • Chrome
    • Windows Defender Browser Protection
    • Ublock Origin - Block 3rd-party frames
    • Checker Plus for Gmail
    • Bitwarden Password Manager
    • Nano Defender
    • Universal Bypass
    Privacy-focused Apps and Extensions
    Windscribe VPN
    Block 3rd Party Cookies

    ublock Origin Filters:
    uBlock filters
    uBlock filters – Annoyances
    uBlock filters – Badware risks
    uBlock filters – Privacy
    uBlock filters – Resource abuse
    uBlock filters – Unbreak

    Adblock Warning Removal List
    AdGuard Base List


    Malware Domains:

    AdGuard Annoyances

    Peter Lowe’s Ad and tracking server list

    Regions, languages:
    GRC: Greek AdBlock Filter

    Fanboy Annoyances - Without Cookies and Social Filters

    Chrome Flags:
    TLS 1.3 downgrade hardening (Enable)
    Framebusting requires same-origin or a user gesture (Enable)
    Enable AppContainer Lockdown. (Enable)
    Enable GPU AppContainer Lockdown. (Enable)
    Extension Content Verification (Enforce Strict)
    PDF Isolation (Enable)
    Block scripts loaded via document.write (Enable)
    Block unsafe downloads over insecure connections (Enable)
    Navigation suggestions for lookalike URLs (Enable)
    Request Advanced Protection verdicts when inspecting downloads (Enable)
    Mark non-secure origins as non-secure - enabled ( mark as actively dangerous)

    Reduce default 'referer' header granularity. (Enable)
    Anonymize local IPs exposed by WebRTC. (Enable)

    Enable lazy image loading (Enable)
    Enable lazy frame loading (Enable)
    Parallel downloading (Enable)

    Javascript - Block by Default (Windows_Security 's Settings)
    Password Managers
  • Bitwarden
  • Web Search
  • DuckDuckGo
  • System Utilities
    Windows built-in System Utilities
    Data Backup
    Google Backup and Sync
    Frequency of Data backups
    Always-on Sync
    System Backup
    None - In case of failure, I use a USB Stick to Reinstall Windows from Scratch.
    Frequency of System backups
    Computer Activity
  • PC Gaming
  • Online banking
  • Browsing web and email
  • Watch movies and other entertainment content on the Internet
  • Download files from different sources
  • Computer Specifications
    HP Pavilion - 15-au104nv
    Staff notes

    This setup configuration doesn't have a backup plan. We strongly recommend to add a backup solution for your data so that you can restore it in the case of an emergency.
    Backing up allows the recovery of data that has been lost due of a malware attack (eg. ransomware) or a hard disk crash. In such events you might lose family photos, your music collection, documents, or financial data. Backups are fast and simple to perform so it should be done on a regular basis.


    Level 30
    4/4 layers are covered:
    • Firewall: Default
    • Web browser: uBo, WD Browser Protection
    • Backup: FreeFileSync & Google
    • Realtime & other: Window Defender
    • Additional layer
    My advice:
    • Nothing else needed to be added, for Backup Solution you could add Macrium Reflect, Aomei Backupper or EaseUS ToDo Backup Free.

    Thanks for sharing. Fantastic protection you have for your computer too!



    New Member
    I use System Hardener mostly to tweaked settings not provided by HC such as DEP for all programs, or other tweaks that can be done manually on windows 10, but I prefer the convenience of System Hardener.


    New Member
    I am thinking of adding Necraft Extension or replacing Windows Defender Browser Protection. Anything better than that?