Tutorial Backup your system with Windows 8.1 built-in backup tool


Since some members here don't know how to backup a system with Windows 8 own backup tools , i will describe the procedure here:


Lighter is the system , less disk space the backup will use so , be sure to do this first:

Virus Free:

1- clean your system (drive C) from viruses by doing a full scan of C with your AV (an infected backup is useless ).

Remove useless files:

1- lighten your system from non-needed files, cut-paste every files you wanna keep on another partition.

2- remove junk files by using Ccleaner (safer one) or any other disk cleaner.

3- Delete old restore points and create a new one. (this will bring back lot of space).

there how to do :

Control Panel > System and Security > System > System protection , select OS (C), Configure , click Delete , continue. then create a new one.



Now our system partition (C) is clean from malware and junk; we can proceed.

Control Panel > System and Security > File History > System Image Backup, click on it.



this step may took time depending your machine, then we arrive there:


i highly recommend to save the backup to an external HDD. (be sure to plug it before launching the backup tool orit will be not recognized)

then after we chose where to save it, click next ; we will arrive here:


the tool shows you what will be backuped , depending of your system size ,

and as i said in another thread CLICK BACKUP :D

it will take from 20mn to some hours. go drink a coffee or watch a movie ;)

thanks for reading

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empty or not is same, since you will have to browse to your backup file from the advanced start-up menu.

just do a test : make a backup, use advanced startup then try to locate your backup ;)


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Aug 3, 2013
Is this a better option than file history? I have only 2 Partitions One is The OS(377 GB free of 440) and Other is recovery part(24GB used of 25 GB). So where do I backup? Should I create a partition?