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Jun 16, 2014
It seems every single day I log on and see members begging for license keys. It varies from members with 200 or 300 posts to members with just 2 or 3. Getting slightly tired of it I thought I would just set out a few guidelines.

* Be active and high quality in the forum! ~ Nobody here will give you a license key when you only have 3 posts, or 400 low quality posts. Don't just post "thx" or "bitdefender is best". These kind of posts are low quality and don't contribute anything to the community. Why would we give you a license key when you haven't contributed anything to the community?

Don't bother asking before you have at least 100-150 good quality posts, ie. posts which help members ;)

* Ask nicely!! ~ Why should anyone give you a license key when you don't ask nicely? For example:

"Guys can someone give me a bitdefender key", err how about please?

"Hello guys, does anyone have a bitdefender key they would be willing to share please?"

* Don't spam/pester! ~ Don't spam the shoutbox pestering people for a key, it's just rude and risks winding everybody up. Also, posting on other people's profiles asking for a key is considered rude too ;)

* Don't ask while there is a giveaway!! ~ If there is a giveaway active or there will be a giveaway soon for a software product, don't ask and pester people in the forum for a key for that product!! For example: If there is a Bitdefender giveaway active or it has been announced, enter the giveaway! Pestering people for a Bitdefender key when you have a chance to get one in the giveaway is not only incredibly rude and ignorant but disrespectful to everybody else in the giveaway.


* A complimentary license key is a privilege not a right!! ~ Don't demand a key. If you really want one that badly, go and buy one yourself! If a member is kind enough to donate a license key to you, remember to thank them (publicly and privately), give them plenty of likes and generally show them that you appreciate it.

Long story short, we're a close community here at MalwareTips and we look out for one another, and if we can help a fellow member out we will. I know that myself and a lot of members here would be far more willing to help someone out in need of a license key when that someone had made an effort to help members on the forums. Help and be helped.


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Jun 20, 2011
support colleague Cowpipe great written some really do not understand the key one here is not giving away for free if someone wants to give somebody the key is only his will and a willingness.
very informative post Cowpipe colleague
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Aug 31, 2014
This is a good forum to help each other if we help each other associations, so it is not meaningles:D:D:(:(:mad::mad:
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Oct 23, 2012
This is a very good post and it is also very true.One big problem we have here is what Cowpipe has posted is contained in the following threads

Seems to me that if members really read these threads there would be little doubt as to what is accepted and what is not accepted.

I realize some members might not be very experienced in forum etiquette but if you really read these threads it will be clear as to what is acceptable.

We have many things that need work.
Spam posts such as Thanks,great,nice,using only smileys instead of making use of the "Like " button

Double and triple posts(no other reply in between your posts) without making use of the edit feature

Members trying to run personal giveaways without consulting a staff member via PM first

Posting duplicate giveaways,not checking links for validity and adding information to others posts that are really unnecessary.

Last but not least,begging for licenses :( in the general forums.If somebody has something to offer the members post it on your profile.If you are looking for something post it on your profile.This doesnt mean you can run a giveaway from your profile page.
Some giveaways that are posted require some extra measures and most every time the instructions on how to obtain these are clearly posted within the thread.However after 3 pages of members asking for a license and posting "Thanks" it is apparent that nobody bothers to read the entire thread.
Some seem to just ask for a license instead of actually doing the work to get it themselves.It is obvious the easiest way.

Cowpipe is correct help and be helped.I have no problem helping a fellow member.However when it is done in a rude or demanding way or it is your very first post then its probably not going to happen

Update : I think begging or asking for "LIKES" should be added to this list also.
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Jun 24, 2011
I like this post!
It somehow a good manner guide for those who need a license key!
The sweet word is always rewarded!
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Apr 19, 2011
Couldn't have said it better. Stick to freeware if you can't grab the opportunity or afford paid products.


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Feb 5, 2012
Very nice there Cowpipe. I like also what Huracan has posted about including asking for "likes". Having a thread for "asking licenses" would not hurt but it would be on the admins here. Of course there can be rules that will govern that also. Along this line maybe if someone's gonna ask for keys it may be better-off using the PM/Converations so it would be discrete enough and would be between the one who asks and the asked. Also maybe some of the ones who asks for keys says or does it "bluntly" but I guess the way they ask may be related to if he/she is a native English the polite English may not be there at all because she/he does not know how or as mentioned " is not a native English speaker". That is also true for some posts that may seem rude or blunt to some (native English speakers) but the one posting it may not be oriented well with the right usage. But aside from that "not being a native English speaker" everyone must strive to be "respectful/nice" when posting.

posted it it's all there. But sometimes along the way members like me forget it also. Makes me admire he diligence and hard work of the admins/mods. Thanks to them :)
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Mar 15, 2011
Tssk, begging license keys makes it an insult for others who gave effort to join on a giveaways, promo or raffle unless the author that have extra LK is willing to give.

It is like downloading a pirated software/cracked = begging license key.

(My point of view ;) )


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Oct 23, 2012
It's somehow good way to help those who need help one key to anothero_O
I am more than willing to help those in need and have done so many times.However it gets a little old when new members join and their 1st,2nd or 3rd post is asking for license keys.I am fortunate to be privy to some licenses and don't mind sharing them but not when it's out right begging.Some don't even try in the giveaways when the instructions on how to obtain the key are clearly posted.If I can get one so can they but the easiest way is just to ask someone else to get it for them.Then again I understand that when there are special circumstances to obtain one (proxy,etc.) and I am more willing to help.Problem is some make multiple posts,all caps and "pretty please" and have obviously made no attempt whatsoever to try to obtain it one their own.If you are a good active member on this site I will attempt to help you every time no questions asked.
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