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List of apps to compare
Avast vs Avg vs Comodo vs MSE vs Panda


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My pc isnt good, have 8 years and still alive but i´ll have a new pc on christmas but I have to wait a long time until there. Who win


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Avast with costum install(realtime, webshield only) or panda. i have used comodo some month but found it abit heavy specialy on opening programs. dont know if its the hips module that slowed it down. avg is quit light too, same for mse. it need to run fast on ur system, so nobody can say whats faster. i would creat a backup and trying all these avs for urself.


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I have one such system. MY 1st system. Too much good memory with it so could not throw it.
So I installed Avast there with only file protection in XP and used limited account. Though I do not use it but it's a good system. Still works - slow and steady ;)
Me too :p. My PC is 9 years old. Using avast! with file protection :) Its really good, no slow down.


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Comodo, but need to change UI to "Classic theme"

If you don't play and doesn't use some specific software maybe you can try linux


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My pc isnt good, have 8 years and still alive but i´ll have a new pc on christmas but I have to wait a long time until there. Who win
Basing your decision on keeping your "CPU and RAM" resources as light as possible, using MSE in real world conditions may be your least complicated choice. It's worked seamless-ly for us beside Windows Firewall in Windows 7 SP1.;)
silversurfer's option, WebRoot Secure Anywhere, was recently recommended to me for it's free trial, system lightness, & cloud updates.
If your older hardware truly performs excruciatingly slow (I am veering somewhat off topic here:rolleyes:) I have 12 year old hardware & an XP system that moved so slowly it's been banished to spend most of it's time sleeping. That was until staffer, BoraMurdar, sagely suggested I consider lubuntu, the fast, light, linux system, you can download here & burn it onto a CD in order to test drive first before deciding whether you and your hardware like it enough to keep it!:D
(Somewhat) back on topic, incidentally,
viruses stop being a concern on lubuntu!:cool::):)
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@MalwareFire Could you provide details about your CPU and RAM? What OS are you running?

And can you confirm that these are the Antivirus products you want compared?
  • Avast! Free Antivirus
  • AVG Free Antivirus
  • Comodo Antivirus
  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Panda Free Antivirus (previously known as Panda Cloud AV Free)
When using an Antivirus, remember that the default settings are optimised for most users. Although minor settings should be altered such as, for example, enable PUP detection in avast. A common issue I have seen in video reviews, were the reviewers had enabled all packers and file types to be scanned by the real-time protection, you should avoid doing this. It will have a negative impact on system performance.

If you could reply to the questions above that would help. Cheers.
I agree with Huracan, default settings is enough and usually already optimized for most users, when you tweak it for more protection, there is a little chance (or probably big chance) you can feel slow down issues, regarding your questions about those 4 Av, from my personal experience MSE win for performance, extremely light, simple..install and forget. But my choice goes for avast for both performance and protection, Panda? from my personal experience there are many similar cloud Av even better than this one in terms of performance and protection, Avg..never use it before so I don't have any experience to share, but of course it's my opinion you can do whatever you think perfectly suit your need :)
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