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In my opinion windows firewall is quite good but it does not give you any options in regard to out going connections, which can be very easily taken care of.


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So I used comodo for a long time and I think that it is an awesome piece of software, however it does slow down the system quite a bit and I am seeing that there are slight bugs in the software that could be patched up.
After that I moved on to Online Armor just to test it out and I really liked it at first but there was a huge problem for it, it was that my VPN just would not connect, I found out that this was due the ports being blocked by OA and in the free version there isn't much configuration so I couldn't open the port, I just ditched it entirely.
And now we talk about where I currently am, which is just using the in-build windows firewall working with my Avira antivirus. So far it has been very good, no issues with any software of VPN or anything else. Using Avira helps to enhance the Windows Firewall and I think I am happy with that.


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Personally I love Windows Firewall, it does a decent job.I would recommend Comodo Firewall if you want a lightweight free firewall that isnt with windows, in case you've seen the "security" Microsoft Security Essentials has to offer.Or you might want to consider upgrading your current Bitdefender product, they recently had a special Bitdefender Internet Security for 20.15$


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Recently took to using Windows Firewall Control and so far so good.

While there is a free version there is a downside to having to donate/register to use the notifications feature.

Another option to look at and completely free is TinyWall.