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Well, complete privacy is a pipedream. But, right now, I can live with DuckDuckGo, and it's worth foraging into the wilds of chromium Edge's Settings in order to change from default Bing. It can only take a little eye-opener to make a swift and decisive change.

Here is a clip I made demonstrating Bing's search result vs. DDG. The results are quite different. The result I "chose" was at the top, an easy choice to make if you are in a rush and don't pay attention to the URLs or get sucked into whatever the embedded ad is saying. These choices aren't there in DDG. The block shown in uBO is via an imported list. ------> bogachenko/filterlist


The guy on my desktop is electro composer Danny Wolfers, aka Legowelt, aka about 20 other personae. He cray-cray.

Also, off-topic, here's another example of Privacy Badger at work in one's chromium Edge browser. (y)