Jun 6, 2017
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Hi there-

Can anyone here recommend a good choice as a light travel laptop ? Ideally around 1kg (2.2 pounds) in weight and not too large- like 11.6 inches or something ? I prefer Windows.

The only ones I can see on the market are very basic models with 32GB internal storage, 2GB memory and fairly slow Atom processors. These are probably not quite good enough for me. I don't; need anything really speedy, but I think these will be too sluggish for modern computing.

Ideally my choice would be a 128GB SSD, probably 4 to 8GB RAM and a Intel Core-M. But even that might be overkill for what I really need it for.

My budget is probably around the $500 USD (£400 GBP) mark, but happy to pay less. I also dont; mind good quality ebay second hand models which look well cared for.

I just dont see too many models these days- they are either tablets or 13" travel laptops. Its not like it was in the old days !

May 29, 2017
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Base on what you need, Chromebook is not a bad choice (like seriously). I knew what you saw on the market was the Asus Vivobook and it is a terrible laptop with subpar build quality

$500 USD is not much if you want extremely juicy specs like a Core M with 8GB RAM and Windows on top of it. But with Chromebook you can take it on easily.

Other not-really-obvious choice is Apple iPad (yeah slap me rite). Reason is they have some really good keyboard case that is on par with your day-to-day laptop keyboard (and some even have a laptop-like design with REALLY good hinge, one of them is logitech so check them out)