Best software to encrypt data before uploading to cloud?

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Mar 3, 2011
Wow a lot of suggestions!

I use to use encrypted ZIP files or encrypt VHD's with BitLocker before uploading. but its a bit cumbersome with lots of files. Also if you changed one file within a VHD or ZIP the whole VHD or ZIP would need to be uploaded again.

I recently purchased a personal subscription to BoxCryptor, although it's not open source studying their documentation I feel they have done it right. They are Zero Knowledge company they do not store your keys unless you explicitly tell them to, all keys are encrypted with a key dereived from your password. Your password is never sent to them as they Hash it locally before sending it to their servers.

IT also have some useful sharing functionality and has apps for pretty much every platform you can think of.

Been very impresses so far.

Here is my referral link.


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May 13, 2013
I use Allway Sync Pro! :)

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Oct 16, 2015
thanks for the reply friends i am using this Home
Glad you have found a suitable application!
Still, I am going to post my personal suggestions, just in case. :p

So here are my personal recommendations:
  • AES Crypt Free, open source, powerful encryption
  • AxCrypt Based on the tested and reliable "TrueCrypt" encryption program (free and open source)
  • VeraCrypt Also based on the tested and reliable "TrueCrypt" encryption program (free and open source)
  • 7-Zip One of the best free and open source file archivers and file managers available - allows for encrypting files in archives (e.g. .7z archives) and protecting them with a password [7-zip is the current file encryption application which I use]
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Cloud, in my opinion, represents a loss of control over data, so I avoid to load important data or personal files preferring local external storage devices.
Anyway, If I were to upload some files I'd use Winrar protecting the archives with a strong password.

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veracrypt, gpg4win, Axcrypt are tools to encrypt before-hand; use Cloudifile, it will encrypt your Dropbox.

But better use a encrypted cloud or even makes your own encrypted server.

im actually preparing an NSA-free system. anonymous OS; anonymous mail accounts, etc..., etc...
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