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Oct 25, 2014
Hi all

Here is a new Email Client for you all

Betterbird is a fine-tuned version of Mozilla Thunderbird, Thunderbird on steroids, if you will.

Betterbird is better than Thunderbird in three ways: It contains new features exclusive to Betterbird, it contains bug fixes exclusive to Betterbird and it contains fixes that Thunderbird may ship at a later stage. Please refer to this feature table for examples. This should give you an impression of where the project is headed. More information on why we're doing the project can be found at the FAQ.

You can use this Thread to post Changelogs after new Release and Questions and other Feedback from you that uses this software

With best Regards


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Jul 1, 2014

Betterbird 91.6.1 released on 15th February 2022​

Today we are shipping Betterbird version 91.6.1-bb27. Please refer to the release notes for details. The release notes changed format slightly to list all improvements over Thunderbird, not only the ones mentioned in the feature table. German, French, Spanish and Japanese localisations available, other languages on request. A portable version for Windows is also available.
Interesting project
91.7.0-bb28 "preview" (2 March 2022, Build-ID 2022-03-02*, English and Windows only)
Fixed in this version:

NEW - Add Recent menu to allow attaching recently used files (Windows only) - Bug 1560737
FIXED - Issues when dragging Windows shell link (.lnk) or folder to Write (compose) window - Bug 276869, Bug 524874
FIXED - Moving multiple IMAP folders didn't work - Bug 589008
FIXED - Display of symbol fonts (Webdings, Wingdings, etc.) didn't work - Bug 1756720
FIXED - File name wasn't populated with saving attachment via double-click - Bug 1755592
FIXED - Minor visual glitch in About box when offering new version

91.6.1-bb27 (15 February 2022)

Based on Thunderbird 91.6.1, release notes, advancing some fixes that Thunderbird isn't shipping yet.

Fixed in this version:

NEW - Folder context menu now offers to set folder as startup folder (instead of last visited)
FIXED - Problems with PGP messages "corrupted" via MS Exchange - GitHub #29
FIXED - Follow-up to: Couldn't drag link/image to new composition - Bug 1732903, Bug 1753331

Fixed in this version (not fixed in Thunderbird):

FIXED - Alerts in Activity Manager were missing timestamp - Bug 1717307
FIXED - Improvement to "Mark > Thread As Read" to fix corruption from Bug 799040 (see 91.6.0)
FIXED - Failures when posting to newsgroup sometimes showed SMTP error - Bug 1751466, comment #5
FIXED - Saving a draft failed to delete temporary files under some circumstances - Bug 1751461

Still only fixed in Betterbird, waiting for Thunderbird fix:

FIXED - News folders which weren't open didn't receive unread message notification (highlight colour, yellow biff symbol) - Bug 1751160
FIXED - Content of preferences pane went blank after toggling "Show only display name for people in my address book" - Bug 1748487
FIXED - Ctrl+scroll wheel zoom did not work in message source window - Bug 1655244
FIXED - Issue with MS teams invitation in Google Calendar - Bug 1727061
FIXED - Problem opening attachments with unregistered MIME type - Bug 1747360
FIXED - Couldn't copy text from preferences pane - Bug 1731934

Features and fixes exclusive to Betterbird:

NEW - Multi-line view. View > Layout > Multi-line View On All Folders or per folder in the column picker
NEW - Header pane button customise restored - Bug 1556261
NEW - Quick Filter untagged messages - Bug 683809
NEW - Re-established Enigmail's "decrypt to folder" - Bug 1693332
FIXED - Global search in encrypted messages (needs to be enabled in preferences) - Bug 188988
NEW - Regular folder search and Quick Filter in encrypted messages - Bug 1562737
CHANGED - Windows systray tooltip now showing list folders with new messages - Bug 1721063
NEW - Context menu in a news message now includes "Open Message For ID" (message pane only, not in message in tab)
FIXED - New posts in ignored threads caused "phantom" unread messages. "Mark > Thread As Read" will fix corruption - Bug 799040
NEW - Preferences mail.addressDisplayAuthor and mail.addressDisplayRecipients (1 = name, 2 = e-mail, 3 = both) for message list display - Bug 697031
NEW - Showing file URL for detached attachments, correct size and strike-through for deleted files - Bug 1740956, Bug 1741093
CHANGED - Activity manager opens in tab
FIXED - Attachments saved via double-click didn't get listed in the list of saved files (Ctrl+J) - Bug 1744709
FIXED - Inserting links with spaces gave random erroneous results - Bug 1563452
FIXED - Repair Text Encoding didn't repair the subject - Bug 1739609

Not mentioned in the front page feature table:
NEW - Preference mail.openpgp.ignore_missing_mdc to allow display of attachments with missing MDC - Bug 1729221
NEW - Added preference mail.biff.show_for_server to optionally suppress biff notifications for server root folders.
FIXED - Subject change with "new subject (was: old subject)" didn't work - Bug 1680425
FIXED - All day events allowed time entry - Bug 1744442
CHANGED - HTML-only messages will no longer be sent to plain text recipients - Bug 1727493, comment #31
FIXED - Feed reader didn't tolerate any XML errors; now it will try fetching the feed as HTML as a fallback - Bug 1746749
FIXED - Erroneous check of author's e-mail address during follow-up to newsgroup - Bug 1752741
FIXED - Couldn't drag link to new composition - Bug 1732903
FIXED - Couldn't drag image from message to new composition - Bug 1753331
FIXED - ... and a few more: Comma in detached file name (Bug 350825), Charset forward detection (Bug 1737245), Charset detection (Bug 1746695)

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