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Jan 9, 2017
Not tested but my friend have: I quoted his conclusion:
dude said:
I liked:
  • Free service is very usable and has no data limits
  • Premium service is cheap
  • P2P permitted (even on free service!)
  • Free browser add-ons are also available
  • No DNS leaks (but WebRTC leaks)
  • BBC iPlayer available
  • 5 simultaneous connections (Premium)
  • No usage logs, but…
I wasn’t so sure about

  • Connection logs
  • Performance for both free and Premium services is uninspiring
  • Encryption is almost certainly meh
  • Pricing model worries me somewhat
  • US Netflix blocked
I hated
  • Customer support is effectively non-existent
  • Canada is terrible for privacy (but is probably ok for P2P for now)

  • PROS
  • Free or very cheap
  • Permits P2P
  • No data limits
  • BBC iPlayer available
  • 5 Simultaneous connections
  • CONS
  • No customer support
  • Connection logs
  • Not fast
  • Canada is terrible for privacy


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Jan 28, 2016
I used Betternet for some time about a couple of years ago and speeds weren't terrible but it was very unreliable - disconnected every few minutes and I seem to recall it didn't have a killswitch so you may want to take precautions in that respect.

I don't know what sort of usage you want but if not too much then Windscribe's free 15gb a month might be sufficient.


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Aug 6, 2014
Using the browser extension for a couple of days now. So far no ads or connection problems. Speed seems better than Zenmate too, which I used before.
Sadly only two servers in the free version, one in the US and one in the UK. I don't know if the desktop variant has more of them.


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Jul 28, 2016
Would not trust this. I think that logging is a big privacy concern for this one! Plus the fact , stated earlier in this post that connections can be cut off is also a big nono. Better go for the free 50gb a month windscribe installer ( or extension ) or cyberghost free. Far better options. IMHO.
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