BiniSoft Windows Firewall Control Version: released

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May 3, 2011

Small application which provides quick access to the most frequent options used from Windows Firewall.

Windows Firewall Control is a small and easy to use application that runs in your system tray and provides quick access to the most frequent options used from Windows Firewall.

Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 have already a built in default, free and powerfull firewalls, but unfortunately, they lack a simple interface to define own simple rules and can be difficult sometimes to configure them the right way. And here comes to help you, Windows Firewall Control, which is a small, intuitive and easy to use program that runs in taskbar, next to the system clock, and provides quick access to the most frequent options used from Windows Firewall, in all versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows Firewall Control offers access to four filtering modes, each with their own status icon in system tray:
* High Filtering - All outgoing connections are blocked. Neither of programs can not initiate outgoing connections. This setting blocks all attempts to connect to and from your computer. With this setting, you aren't notified when Windows Firewall blocks programs, and programs in the list of allowed programs are ignored.

* Medium Filtering- Outgoing connections that do not match a rule are blocked. Only programs you allow can initiate outgoing connections. If you want to allow a program to communicate through the firewall, you can add it to the list of allowed programs. For example, you might not be able to send photos in an instant message until you add the instant messaging program to the list of allowed programs.

* Low Filtering - Outgoing connections are allowed. You can block the programs you do not want to allow to initiate outgoing connections. If you want to block a program to communicate through the firewall, you can add it to the list of blocked programs. For example, you might want to block an instant messaging program so just add the program to the list of blocked programs.

* No Filtering - Windows Firewall is turned off. Avoid using this setting unless you have another firewall running on your computer. Turning off Windows Firewall might make your computer (and your network, if you have one) more vulnerable to damage from hackers and malicious software.

Here are some key features of "Windows Firewall Control":
· Just one small size executable file, all features are packed in the same single executable file. The same executable file is the setup program as well the program itself, and has only 305 KB.
· Easy to use, intuitive menus placed right next to your system clock, which allows you to configure easily Windows Firewall.
· Quick access to Windows Firewall and Windows Firewall with Advanced Security from Control Panel.
· Predefined rules for Internet Explorer, Remote Desktop Connection and Windows Update, with simple buttons within the program interface.
· Allow or block a program to connect through Windows Firewall with just a few mouse clicks.
· Quick access to user rules defined with possibility to delete them with one single mouse click.
· Automatically starts with Windows.
· Ability to quick reset to default Windows Firewall settings.
· Protection to uninstallation accidentally the program when is locked with a password.
· Import and export the policies of the program, helping you to keep your program settings, and not to configure them again everytime you reinstall the program (REGISTERED USERS ONLY).
· Lock the current configuration with a password. Useful if you don't want other users to change your settings you have made in the program (REGISTERED USERS ONLY).
· Reset a forgotten password used to lock the configuration of the program (REGISTERED USERS ONLY).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due the new activation process, if you use an old version and you updated to the new version, you must activate the program again using a new activation code. If you are a registered user, please log in to your account on our website and get a new activation code. Thank you for your understanding.

· NET Framework 3.5
· Supported OS: Windows Vista / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64

What's new in version

- New: Shortcut in the application paths. You can call Run and simply execute "wfc".
- Fixed: When setting the profile to High Filtering and reopening the main WFC window,
the profile slider does not recognize the new profile.
- Fixed: The uninstaller can't delete wfc.exe from the installation folder. If the
program is installed in the default suggested folder, the entire folder will be deleted,
otherwise only the executable file will be deleted at uninstallation.
- Fixed: "Check if a new version is available" does not work for unregistered users.
- Updated: From this version, the installer will copy the file wfc.exe in the installation
folder instead of moving it. In this way the original file is kept also in the source
folder. Also, the file can be freely renamed from this version. The file that will be
installed it will still be wfc.exe but the user can have a copy renamed, for example
wfc3.7.0.4.exe, in another folder.

Click here to see The Changelog.

A lot of work has gone into the development of this program. If this program is useful to you, please donate $10 and become a registered user. You will receive unlimited access, through a registration key that you will receive instantly, to all program's features, not for this program only, but for all the programs from our website. Donations are used towards hosting costs for the website, hardware and software licenses, and also encourage further development. Thank you !

Benefits of Registered User:
√ Display user notifications on blocked outgoing connections, with detailed informations about these connections, and permit the user to "Allow Always" or "Block Permanently" the programs that were blocked by Windows Firewall.
√ Lock the current configuration of the program with a password. Useful if you don't want other users to alter program settings. This will disable the access to the shortcut from Control Panel for Windows Firewall and the Management Console snap-in control file that provides additional administration capabilities for Windows Firewall.
√ Shell integration into the right click menu of the executable files, which helps you to create new firewall rules with a single mouse click, right from an executable file, or even from a desktop shortcut of an executable file.
√ Reset a forgotten password used to lock the configuration of the program.

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May 3, 2011
RE: BiniSoft Windows Firewall Control Version: released

BiniSoft Windows Firewall Control Version: Released:

What's new in version

- New: Options tab contains now a new checkbox which when it is enabled prevents
other programs from creating new rules in Windows Firewall. In case of installing of
a new program which wants to add a new firewall exception, just uncheck this option
from WFC and the external setup can create a new rule, otherwise the rule will be
deleted automatically by WFC.
- New: Right click on the tray icon will open a context menu from where the user can
choose to open the Main Window, Manage Rules window or to Exit the application.
The Exit button from the Main Window was removed. The only way to exit the application
is the Exit menu item from the context menu.
- Fixed: The program crashes if the user chooses Cancel on the UAC message box.
- Fixed: If any dependant Windows service is stopped or set to disabled, it will be
started automatically at start-up of the GUI (wfc.exe). The dependant services
are: Windows Firewall Control, Windows Firewall and DNS Cache for the notifications.
- Fixed: Main window can be opened multiple times if the user clicks multiple times
very fast on the system tray icon of the application.
- Fixed: Browse to block button from the main window does not support *.bin or
*.setup files.
- Fixed: Application can't start because the same version is already installed and
the filename is not wfc.exe.



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May 3, 2011
RE: BiniSoft Windows Firewall Control Version: released

version released:

What's new in version

- New: Added support for Fast User Switching. This applies to the first login of a
user. If the users switches back to another logged user, the program must be started
manually. Use the desktop shortcut or use Ctrl+R, type "wfc" and press Enter key.
- New: Added support for creating and editing rules for *.dll files.
- New: Added support for launching the GUI with command line parameters. Useful for
systems where the taskbar and system tray are not available. Use "wfc.exe -cp" to start
the Control Panel or "wfc.exe -mr" to launch the Manage Rules window.
- New: Added support to modify the timeout of a notification or even to disable the
- New: Added support to play a custom sound when a new notification is generated. Only
PCM wav files are supported.
- New: The Display and Filter combo boxes from Manage Rules don't save the values
when the window is closed.
- Fixed: When modifying a rule the service name is not recognized in the Services
combo box.
- Fixed: Various GUI fixes and few improvements in the Windows service component.



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May 3, 2011
RE: BiniSoft Windows Firewall Control Version: released

Version released:

What's new in version

- New: The installer and the updater were rewritten to include a logging feature to
track down the possible errors that may occur during the installation or the update.
Fixed: The installer can't continue if it can't save the backup policy file restore.dat
This file is used at uninstallation to restore the previous set of rules if the user
chooses to revert to the state beforehand installing the program.
- Fixed: The uninstaller of the program does not work if the Windows Firewall
Control Service is not available or if the uninstall key from Windows Registry was
deleted accidentally.
- Fixed: Shell Integration state is recognized properly.
- Fixed: Tray icon is not properly set after importing a policy if the previous
profile was not Low Filtering.
- Fixed: Some default inbound rules from can't be modified because they use special
keywords instead of port numbers as local ports. Example: RPC, Teredo, etc.
- Fixed: The program crashes on Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 if the user clicks on
the Export Policy button because the GUI is not available. This happens if the program
has the option "Disable visual themes" checked in the Compatibility tab.



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May 3, 2011
RE: BiniSoft Windows Firewall Control Version: released

Version released:

What's new in version

- New: Added support to check the program file on VirusTotal from the notification
dialog. This will not upload the file. It will check the results for the same file
based on the SHA256 hash of the file.
- Fixed: The current selection will moves on the next row in Manage Rules if the user
presses on the Enter key.
- Fixed: PageUp and PageDown don't work in Manage Rules on some scenarios.
- Fixed: Validation fails and the save of a rule doesn't work when a rule is edited
and the user has empty spaces in the input text boxes.



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May 3, 2011
RE: BiniSoft Windows Firewall Control Version: released

Version released:

What's new in version

- New: High Filtering profile was updated to cut off all the inbound connections too.

Now, when switching to High Filtering profile, all inbound and outbound connections will be blocked, no matter what rules are defined. All connections are blocked.
- Fixed: The rules created automatically by High Filtering profile can be duplicated
or modified if the user uses the Enter key.
- Fixed: Cleaned up some obsolete code.



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May 3, 2011
Changelogs updated missed:

What's new in version (09.03.2013)

- Fixed: Program crashes when the user browses for a file to create a new rule.
- Fixed: Notifications system gets disabled when the user uninstalls the program
and chooses to keep current settings.

What's new in version (07.03.2013)

- New: The notification window position is now saved on window closing and restored
on the next reopening.
- Fixed: Program crashes if the user chooses to "Open file location" in Manage Rules
window for a connection generated by System.
- Fixed: When the Rules tab is set to create "Outbound and inbound rules", the
description of the inbound rule contains "Outbound" instead of "Inbound".
- Improved: The service loading time was reduced with 90% by using a different

mechanism of reading of the initial set of data.
- Improved: The program can now reconnect to the service in case the communication
channel gets in faulted state, without needing to restart the program.
- Improved: Various parts of the code were improved to increase the execution speed
of the program.

What's new in version (18.02.2013)

- Fixed: Columns visibility in Manage Rules is not restored properly. If the user
hides some columns, on reopening they appear all, including the hidden ones.
- Improved: When searching for invalid rules or for specific rules in Manage Rules
window, only the results will be displayed instead of highlighting them.
- Improved: The startup time of the application was reduced due to refactoring of
the code and alternative way that initializes the program.
- Improved: Some unused functionality which is not needed anymore was removed and
the code was improved in several parts by including more speedful code.

What's new in version (14.02.2013)

- Fixed: User settings are not persisted if the user uses the updater to update to
a new version: Manage Rules position, columns order and visibility, etc.
- Fixed: The recommended rules from the previous version prevented Windows Update
to check for new updates.
- Fixed: When the user checks for updates, the download complete message appears
before finishing the download and if the user tries to execute the file, it is still
- Fixed: The result dialog after creating a new rule from the Control Panel is
displayed randomly on the screen instead of the Control Panel window.
- Improved: When creating a new rule, the file name is displayed in front of the name
from the assembly. They were switched for a better readability.

What's new in version (10.02.2013)

- Fixed: The F5 message doesn't display/hide like it should in Manage Rules window.
- Fixed: The program crashes on exit if the user has not set any global hokey.
- Fixed: Removed some unneeded dependencies.
- Updated: By default, at installation the global hotkeys are not set anymore. The
user has to set them manually.

What's new in version (09.02.2013)

- New: Recently Blocked view in which the user can see the recently outgoing
connections that were blocked and from which he can create new rules based on the log.
- New: Added support for Global Hotkeys for opening Control Panel and Manage Rules
windows. Use the advanced tab that can be found in Options tab to change the
global hotkeys or to disable them.
- New: "Create new rules from..." window was simplified and integrated in the new
Manage Rules view.
- Fixed: Fixed incompatibility with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Notifications for a
program appear even if a rule to allow that program exists if the user uses MBAM.
- Fixed: Validation rules for ports and remote addresses were changed to avoid
situations when the user can input invalid parameters. E.g:
- Fixed: The buttons which clears the textboxes in the notification dialog are
- Improved: The password used for locking/unlocking the program is displayed in
plain text while the user types it and switches to **** when the user stops typing.
This is useful for the user to see his input.

What's new in version (26.01.2013)

- Updated: The notification dialog was updated to not steal the focus. It will be
still displayed on top of other windows, but if you use a text editor or other
program you will not be interrupted anymore.
- New: The columns visibility in Manage Rules can now be set from the a context menu
placed on the columns header.
- New: The order and the visibility of the columns in Manage Rules window will be
saved on window closing and automatically restored on window loading.
- Improved: Removed some obsolete checks from the notifications system to improve the
speed of the notifications.
- Fixed: The Akamai rule was updated to avoid conflicts with Windows Update.
- Removed: The full access for all users in the installation folder was removed.

What's new in version (20.01.2013)

- Fixed: When pressing on the search button in the "Search for executable files..."
the application crashes.
- Updated: Small layout fixes to improve the readability of the translated strings
from the language files.

What's new in version (19.01.2013)

- Fixed: Up to 20 seconds delay can occur when showing notifications, because of the
checking of the digital signature. This function was removed from the service and it
will be done in a different thread directly in the notification dialog after
displaying it. Finally, notifications without major delays.
- Fixed: Switching a rule from Inbound to Outbound from the rule properties window
doesn't work.
- Fixed: Notifications for svchost.exe and System appear after returning from sleep
state even if there are rules that block all connections for them.
- Updated: New IP ranges for Akamai Technologies were added to the recommended rules.
- New: Added new translated strings in the program. The new language files are
available for download on the website.

What's new in version (13.01.2013)

- New: Added support to new strings to be translated, especially for the Activation
- Fixed: The language file is not loaded if the program is started from the shortcut
because the startup folder is not the same as the program folder. This was fixed.
- Fixed: On uninstallation, after the user presses on the Uninstall button, the
checkboxes remain enabled and the user can change the options and can break the
uninstall process.

What's new in version (12.01.2013)

- New: Added multiple languages support. Visit the following page to find more
about the new feature:
- Fixed: "Disable the ability of other programs to add firewall rules" doesn't
work until the user opens the first time the main window of the program.
- Fixed: Locking feature didn't work in the previous version.

What's new in version (24.12.2012)

- Improved: The singleton pattern was changed and the program can be now executed
in multiple instances on different user accounts. This resolves the problem with the
Fast User Switching and Remote Desktop Connection.
- Improved: The size of the program was reduced (20%) and the internal encryption
algorithm was also changed to improve the execution speed of the program.
- Improved: The search algorithm of executable files was improved to increase the
searching speed of executable files in a folder.
- Fixed: A notification dialog will close automatically if it is displayed under another
notification dialog and the timer goes to 0. From now on, if the user hovers the mouse
on a notification dialog, the time out will be removed for all the active notifications.
- Fixed: Some binding problems and a few possible NullReferenceException were fixed
to increase the execution speed of the program.

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