Would you like the Primary Security of your Identity/Data to be "Biometrics" ?

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Our Fingerprints Are Portals Into Our Digital Lives — But the Laws Haven't Caught Up:
(ARTICLE DATE: 10 Aug 2016)

Your fingerprint can do more than unlock your phone. In just a few years, the tips of your phalanges may be the most powerful, speedy and safe tool to protect and access a trove of personal data.

It's the master key to the safe of your private life. And there's nothing stopping police from taking it.

Constitutional law hasn't yet caught up with the state of modern technology, experts say, and police are taking increasingly extreme measures to access our fingerprints — going as far as asking a 3-D printing lab in Michigan to print a finger capable of unlocking a dead victim's phone...

How biometrics could revolutionize criminal law:

Biometric authentication is the practice of using a human characteristic like fingerprints or the iris of the eye to verify your identity and secure your device. The technology is becoming more and more popular.

To help lawmakers stay in touch with tech, Electronic Frontier Foundation staff attorney Andrew Crocker thinks the Fifth Amendment needs to not only protect against forced decryption using a passcode, but also our fingerprints, which both have the potential to provide one with the same personal information...

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Thanks for the share :)

I voted "I'am not sure" :rolleyes:

The main reason :
- a bad person (or more) can "access" you physically, using its strength to make your finger unlock you protected device.
(at home, in the street, etc...)
=> it's easier / quick, in several circumstances, than force a people to reveal its password

For other situations, it looks interesting.
=> Nobody have the same fingerprints (even identical twins)
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