Level 29
What i have been told is that bitdefender / kaspersky has best signatures

But bitdefender on vt has not detected ransomware by signatures = fail on the video

Bitdefender has behaviour blocker, but its too late when files are already enrycpted?
Doesnt mean bitdefender is bad, it just doesnt have any zeroday protection on free version and needs help by other sws

On other hand i have no idea how common these zeroday infections are in real life situations, its not bitdefenders fault if someone ran suspicios file , probably the web filter already did job before that and adblocker blocked it coming from ads, idk

People that torrent will run any file, even they get prompted by av/ security software
I use torrents most of the times because I switched to Mobile data and I have never been infected. Previous ISP did/does corrupt big files 4-10GB files midway and reduce speed to 1/100th just to throttle the net speed.