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The whole point of protected folders is that it is to act as a file vault that not even explorer.exe can gain access. All you have to do is hollow process explorer.exe, and it is game over.

People are lazy. Use the primitives copy-paste to move from a writeable folder to the protected folder.

Everybody wants convenience, but then they don't accept the security consequences. They point the blame at the security products, when in fact they are the problem.
Convenience is easy to understand. But security isn't.

As people that are on a security forum, everyone should be aware how constantly new information gets released. A is vulnerable. Then B is vulnerable. What you thought was good turned out to be bad.

There's so much information that it's understandable why some elect to focus on convenience.


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I wonder if some of these products have a whiter whitelist?

One issue that I frequently see is that Steam, Starcraft/Blizzard, and many other games store their game files in My Documents. Then the game engine modifies or deletes these files, and that triggers protected folders.

Surely BitDefender in this config isn't going to block those apps, but that suggests there's just another set of whitelists there.
Yes, it blocks. I uninstalled it because of this, too many FPs.
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