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Rest in Power
George Floyd

Below the image I have shared 2 resources that you can visit.

Please educate yourself before saying All Lives Matter - this misses the point and does not help.



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Protestors and demonstrations are happening all over Brooklyn today. It's Day 25. What one might see on TV becomes very solid and real once seen in person. Walking by one demonstration, I heard someone singing a beautiful old spiritual to a mostly silent crowd.

A lot of damage to buildings and municipal structures: shattered glass and graffiti, endless garbage and discarded signage. On many buildings, public and private, you will see cute signs saying "Black Lives Matter" with hearts and curlicues and I have no doubt at least some of them were placed in big plate-glass windows to charm would-be vandals out of "decorating" the building.

It's "Black Lives Matter." Nothing else. That of itself helps the cause, that one recognizes and accepts the ideology.
Thank you for posting this. It's important not to rush into hating someone or a group of people based on their skin color or what their ancestors may have done. And I'm not saying that to diminish the pain and suffering people went through and still go through. But it just isn't fair to blame people who aren't involved with it. You wouldn't hold a child responsible for the sins of their father. So why would you hold an entire race responsible for the sins of their forefathers?

And I'm not saying that's what a lot of people are doing. But some people are and it's just sad. We're all children of Mother Earth and we should respect her and ourselves and act like it. @pablozi

And I'm definitely not diminishing what @Spawn posted here either. That's important too. Wrong is wrong and right is right and we should all work together to empower the latter and get rid of the former.
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