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You may tweak Anti-Banner of Kaspersky for blocking advertisement alongside of adding adblocker to your browser.

You may add on demand scanners like MBAM, Zemana AM or Hitman Pro.

Other than that its a good configuration.


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Great config overall. Very secure (make sure you learn how to use every component of Kaspersky properly for maximum security).

Also, ensure that you have at least one clean, full system backup image so that you can restore your system to its exact state, as it was when you created that backup image.
This is very inmportant and can save you the trouble of formatting your hard drive and re-installing your OS.
Restoring your system from a backup image usually takes 10-20 minutes.

Other than that you are good to go.
Thanks for sharing your config with us, and happy new year! :p


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Consider a password manager
Consider one or two more on demand scanners
I assume you are on Windows 7 SP1
Thanks for sharing your config :)