Level 41
Here's Brave latest
Release Notes v1.1.20
  • Added Privacy Preserving Product Analytics (P3A). (#6285)
  • Added auto-contribute support for GitHub. (#5120)
  • Added separate tip banner for monthly contributions to creators. (#5996)
  • Added the ability to opt-in to user private Brave ads for Cayman Islands. (#6006)
  • Added fingerprinting exception for 1Password. (#6007)
  • Added setting to “Use Google Services for Push Messaging” in brave://settings. (#2301)
  • Updated ads confirmations to redeem with the server every 24 hours instead of 7 days. (#5999)
  • Updated brave://rewards to show monthly tips in a separate panel. (#5957)
  • Improved accessibility on brave://welcome page. (#5504)
  • Improved accessibility on Brave Rewards tip banners. (#6147)
  • Removed known user tracking parameters from query strings. (#4239)
  • Disabled Safe Browsing for downloads. (#4341)
  • Disabled Motion Sensors by default. (#4789)
  • Disabled Web Background Synchronization by default. (#4709)
  • Fixed certain cases where users are stuck in the wallet verification flow for Brave Rewards. (#7122)
  • Fixed inability to tweet after completing an inline tip on Reddit. (#6223)
  • Fixed ad notifications being displayed while browser is in full screen mode. (#5559)
  • Fixed inability to import from Firefox. (#6521)
  • Fixed Tor windows not respecting custom global shields settings. (#2978)
  • Fixed Tor windows not respecting the globally set option for “Block Scripts” in brave://settings. (#4191)
  • Fixed download not cancelling in Tor window when the window is closed. (#5367)
  • Fixed CORS issue with atlassian.net. (#4419)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 79.0.3945.74. (#7282)


Level 3
Having given it a try earlier this evening, quit liking it. I'm still not convinced by brave rewards apart from tipping back to sites automatically. I don't use online currency so any I'd earn wouldn't be much use to me really but I have it enabled and I'll just give it back automatically I guess.

TOR feature is cool though ISP blocks TOR so not much use but great browser all in all :)


Level 4
Brave is now supported by the free Wise Disk Cleaner X for any that require it ~
Wise Disk Free Site
Hmm, interesting.

You can use CCleaner too if you want.
In the options tab, go to advanced section and check to use the .ini file. Open where Ccleaner is installed and than open ccleaner.ini and add this after the
CustomLocation1=CHROME|C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default
Now the options used to clean chrome will clean Brave as well.


Level 3
It's a fast browser but I can't use it as my daily driver because the sync feature is horribly broken, sporradically it works but most of the time it does nothing.


Level 4
It's a fast browser but I can't use it as my daily driver because the sync feature is horribly broken, sporradically it works but most of the time it does nothing.
I used to have problems too, but now it is working well


Level 41
Release Notes v1.3.113

  • Added New Tab Page Sponsored Images. (#7883)
  • Added the ability to opt-in to user private Brave ads for over 30 new regions. (#6825)
  • Added the ability for multiple segments to trigger ad notifications. (#6256)
  • Added OS level targeting for ads. (#4761)
  • Added server configurable default tip amounts. (#6011)
  • Added web compatibility reporter on Brave Shields. (#4262)
  • Added additional zoom levels. (#6943)
  • Added the ability for users to disable autocomplete. (#843)
  • Added the ability to disable Tor via Admin policy. (#454)
  • Added auto-compaction for sync to reduce transferred data amount. (#6552)
  • Updated permissions for Uphold user wallets for Brave Rewards. (#7713)
  • Updated UI for the Brave Rewards widget on the New Tab Page. (#7885)
  • Updated text to indicate that wallet verification is optional. (#7102)
  • Updated “Thank you” text on monthly contribution banner. (#6744)
  • Updated ads panel on brave://rewards to display BAT with 1 decimal place. (#6774)
  • Updated speaker button on pinned tabs so it cannot be clicked. (#6358)
  • Updated Widevine setting to be install specific instead of profile specific. (#6747)
  • Updated the New Tab Page to be more dynamic. (#7884)
  • Updated sync chain preferences. (#6504)
  • Disabled out of process rasterization by default. (#7581)
  • Fixed crash which occurred when extensions-toolbar-menu is enabled in brave://flags. (#5646)
  • Fixed ads crash in certain cases. (#6880)
  • Fixed Brave Rewards widget not reflecting auto contribute amount. (#6740)
  • Fixed wallet balance not updating dynamically on the tip banner. (#7047)
  • Fixed incorrect balance displaying when rewards is toggled off. (#6335)
  • Fixed claim banner not being removed from brave://rewards in certain cases. (#6741)
  • Fixed the tipping banner always showing a disabled vertical scrollbar. (#6222)
  • Fixed multiple entries displaying in ads history for the same ad notification. (#6205)
  • Fixed inability to open ad notifications from notification center on Windows. (#4102)
  • Fixed certain cases where browser doesn’t retry to get new signed ad tokens. (#6647)
  • Fixed global shields setting for “Only block cross-site cookies” not working. (#6804)
  • Fixed missing context menu items. (#6513)
  • Fixed inconsistent naming for Site Settings in brave://settings/clearBrowserData. (#6627)
  • Fixed exported password file name. (#629)
  • Fixed “Add to Chrome” being displayed instead of “Add to Brave” in Chrome Web Store. (#5730)
  • Fixed inability to login to Expensify with Google Authentication. (#5869)
  • Fixed certain cases where bookmarks are missing from sync after chain creation. (#7251)
  • Fixed certain cases where bookmark location changes are not synced to other devices on chain. (#8065)
  • Fixed issue with sync chain reset when device is offline. (#3628)
  • Fixed webview crash on dobreprogramy.pl. (#7453)
  • Fixed display glitches in certain cases. (#6979)
  • Fixed top sites widget not moving up when stats widget is hidden on the New Tab Page. (#7855)
  • Fixed typescript files not displaying syntax highlighting in Developer Tools. (#5618)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 80.0.3987.87. (#8058)