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Nov 17, 2016
@BugCode @Dirk41 Being non-unique wouldn't help you if you're the only one visiting that page at that time doing something specific. Also, IP address is still unique. Privacy is probably even harder than security.
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Jan 9, 2017
Indeed. That what i was trying to tell. It's good to have semi-paranoid privacy settings etc,,, but it is better infiltrate to mass then you have better change to survive privacy jungle. Fingerprinting & privacy is pretty challenge for everyone. You have to make choice what is your aim. & Ip-adresses you have to VPN what serve you shared IP's, so there are many change.


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Mar 17, 2016
Mate, just clear ur cookies and cache before make a second test. Scriptblocker does prevent some part of testes. & Yes, it is not absolutely block everything, it is altrouht impossible. But you could prevent it manually and some registery tweaking, but that doesn't pay the price of result. I have testing that panoliptic site few different browser and few days! And you can eaxample firefox do some about:config tweak etc and it count a lot what addon do you have and there are so many different fingerprinting techniques, so i can't count. Script based almost everything..

Trust me, you doesn't want to do like me and i tested many days this page and i got my best result if don't remember wrong little bit under 10 bits.

Here some pics few years ago; (with waterfox) if i remember right.


Trust me, it is not worth it, just keep ur sunglasses somewhere else than your eyes covered ;)

- BC

Sorry for the delay and thank you for your reply

I have to specify maybe that I use iOS app , but the features are supposed to be the same I think

I obviously cleared all data and close the browser ( I set incognito mode always on) and I got the same results with FP on or off

I will try on desktop

( as far as FF is concerned I use some tweaks : disable DOM storage , peer connections etc)

It seems to me that block scripts should be enough anyway. Because how do they get most of infos? Using scripts I think

As far as the "sunglasses" are concerned: I see some value : some malware target just some OS / browser so maybe in this way they can't get info about you machine.
Attackers can't know your os/ browser etc.

Almost everything ( I think ) works with scripts , so disabling them keeps you safer .


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Jan 9, 2017
Brave 0.13.5

  • Added computer-to-computer sync. (#1854)
  • Added preferences page for plugins. (#7101)
  • Added export bookmarks option to the kabob menu. (#7218)
  • Added feature to allow scripts by origin. (#6431)
  • Added tab press to select autocomplete. (#7132)
  • Added delete confirmation to downloads bar. (#2604)
  • Added more HTTPS upgrades for links. (#7297)
  • Fixed js alert spoofing attacks. (#2755)
  • Fixed stop page load button does not stop loading the page. (#7340)
  • Fixed Brave is called "brave" on Linux. (#7166)
  • Fixed tabs display wrong after exiting HTML5 fullscreen. (#7301)
  • Fixed wallet recovery so your address does not change. (#7288)
  • Fixed deleting bookmark removes pinned item. (#7283)
  • Fixed right click new tab icon (+) also processes left click event. (#7267)
  • Fixed missing .pak files on Linux. (#7260)
  • Fixed import and export for empty bookmark folders. (#7193)
  • Fixed bookmarked PDF link. (#7190)
  • Fixed menu display for when first item is a separator. (#7109)
  • Fixed cursor should be default on find bar. (follow-up of #5744) (#6812)
  • Fixed contact info on about:safebrowsing. (#6781)
  • Fixed domains not displayed on my ledger shows up in payment receipt as payment recipients. (#6531)
  • Fixed hard to exit/close Brave when site spams you with message box / alerts. (#3794)
  • Fixed alert popups should appear below tabs. (#6901)
  • Fixed title is cut in tab. (#7312)
  • Fixed title in tab is not centered. (#7304)
  • Fixed transition missing on download item progress bar. (#7248)
  • Fixed clicking "copy to clipboard" buttons missing an animation. (#6297)
  • Fixed URL and tab text display on Windows. (#5624)
  • Fixed bookmarks toolbar button text letters are clipped partially. (#7034)
  • Removed redundant dateline in contributions PDF. (#6896)
  • Upgraded muon to 2.56.8. (#7390)


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Jan 9, 2017
Brave Software
Releases · brave/browser-laptop · GitHub

0.14.1 Dev Channel

Fixed paste not detected issue with context menus. (#8000)
Fixed accidental selection of lion badge numbers. (#7994)
Fixed Brave badge too close to edge. (#7977)
Update muon to 2.57.8. (#8014)

0.14.0 Dev Channel

Added more details on secure connections, you can now view certificate from lock on urlbar. (#6157)
Added setting for more than 20 tabs per set. (#6692)
Added lion icon badge. (#7859)
Added "Block All" cookie option in bravery panel. (#1987)
Added session-tab icon numbers. (#7367)
Added ability to inspect extension background page. (#7880)
Added context menu to Bookmarks Manager. (#7801)
Added searx search engine. (#7658)
Added notification for Flash elements that are too small for the placeholder. (#7523)
Added new strings to handle overdue payments. (#7078)
Added "Save my downloads here" setting. (#2110)
Fixed blocking video ads on (#7432)
Fixed UI for private tabs. (#7943)
Fixed issues with exclusion list for Brave payments. (#7940)
Fixed new tab for back/forward history. (#7892)
Fixed styles on notification & update bars. (#7853)
Fixed re-launching with a maximized window (When re-launching after maximized, window cannot be maximized again once restored down). (#7825)
Fixed layout when blocking ads. (#7818)
Fixed audio indicator has extra bottom padding compared to favicon. (#7815)
Fixed vertical center display of URL bar (Remove "top: 1px" from .urlbarForm>). (#7805)
Fixed display of text for new tabs. (#7724)
Fixed private session tab color to always show purple. (#7720)
Fixed display of session info on tab. (#7716)
Fixed contribution statement display. (#7698)
Fixed custom bookmark name text box not clearing when deleted. (#7691)
Fixed UI on alert dialogs (Replace float:right with flex). (#7673)
Fixed accidental muting when tabs are small. Sound controls will now be hidden when you have more than 15 tabs. (#7665)
Fixed re-launching when maximized to keep window maximized. (#7664)
Fixed favicon size when tabs are small. (#7656)
Fixed fresh install of Brave advertises Brave properties. (#7655)
Fixed remember password prompt accidentally displaying password in notification for certain sites. (#7649)
Fixed menu on Windows - context menu (right click) does not work on nested items. (#7624)
Fixed Alt+PrtSc key combination is not recognized by Brave. (#7566)
Fixed Flash discovery for sites if shields are down. (#7549)
Fixed closed order for tabs in History menu. (#7548)
Fixed header bar and tab styles (new flat interface look & feel). (#7546)
Fixed tab UI - fade tab on the right-hand side instead of using ellipsis. (#7535)
Fixed urlbar suggestions to show base domain along with deep linked history suggestions. (#7533)
Fixed 'hide sites with <1% usage' should be default on in about:preferences#payments. (#7520)
Fixed large translucent element which obscures Washington Post content. (#7510)
Fixed style and layout on payment tab. (#7501)
Fixed url loads slower if loaded from preferences. (#7497)
Fixed keyboard shortcuts not working on Windows. (#7491)
Fixed advance settings button is blocked by helpful hints in certain situations. (#7452)
Fixed publishers are auto included even when auto-include sites is turned off. (#7451)
Fixed display of Contribution Statement. (#7416)
Fixed new tab display when the window is small. (#7411)
Fixed re-enabling sync doesn't sync bookmarks properly across devices. (#7405)
Fixed style of some ledger elements. (#7380)
Fixed display of ledger items. (#7379)
Fixed open a new tab in same session as session tab. (#7376)
Fixed torrent name missing after download is started. (#7362)
Fixed default order in torrent list. (#7361)
Fixed style on ledger settings UI area to match 1.0 features/changes. (#7348)
Fixed styles on about:extensions with Aphrodite. (#7345)
Fixed drag & drop for images and files broken (causes screen to go white). (#7266)
Fixed torrent viewer CSP rule blocks <iframe> content. (#7243)
Fixed horizontal scrolling with two-finger gesture. (#7100)
Fixed URL address bar adding deleted text back immediately. (#6956)
Fixed idle timer never stopping. (#6826)
Fixed button alignment on the notification bar. (#6749)
Fixed spacing of buttons on torrent viewer. (#6735)
Fixed "Estimated Time Saved" to take minutes into account. (#6650)
Fixed adblocking on (#6635)
Fixed URL autocomplete offering the option of only completing the hostname. (#6537)
Fixed options on about:preferences#payments to allow for localization. (#6364)
Fixed menu activation with ALT key. (#5775)
Fixed [hackerone] 181558. (#5762)
Fixed [hackerone] 181686. (#5700)
Fixed new tab page shortcut buttons link tooltips to be more user friendly. (#5657)
Fixed close button on tabs if tab size is too small. (#5431)
Fixed access-control-allow-origin: * set on about: pages. (#4913)
Fixed warning about data: URIs in location bar. (#4899)
Fixed copy to clipboard(Flash plugin) blocked on (#4020)
Fixed back/forward gesture to match system preferences. (#3299)
Fixed visual distinction between session tabs. (#3083)
Fixed 'View Certificate' functionality. (#2611)
Fixed UI for passive (display) mixed content. (#2168)
Fixed about: pages failing to load in private tabs. (#1817)
Fixed Linux update mechanism never finishing. (#401)
Removed check for update menu items on Linux. (#7529)
Update libchromiumcontent to 57.0.2987.110. (#7955)
Update muon to 2.57.7. (#7939)


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Jan 22, 2017
Extensions from Google Web Store works with this browser ?

No, at least not yet, instead it has built in security features like, HTTPs everywhere, script blocker, phishing /malware blocker and fingerprint protection and you can install a password manager of your choice from a list.
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Jan 9, 2017
Release 0.15.1 Dev Channel · brave/browser-laptop · GitHub

Fixed navigating to a PDF may crash the tab. (#8422)
Fixed crash on startup (possibly related to recovering tabs). (#8552)
Fixed when Brave Payment is enabled, accessing Shield Settings on a blank page will crash the browser. (#8545)
Fixed Webview crash on JEWSNEWS (#8526)
Fixed crashes renderer on Windows 7. (#6989)
Upgrade to Muon 2.58.8. (#8563)

Release 0.15.0 Dev Channel · brave/browser-laptop · GitHub

Added tear off tabs - Ability to tear off tabs and to combine them back into other windows. (#4402)
Added Widevine support for Amazon Prime Video. (#5233)
Added ledger site pinning in Brave Payments. (#7347)
Added extensions panel to about:preferences. (#6530)
Added support for back / forward gesture with three finger swipe. (#7905)
Added support for torrent link files. (#6671)
Added noscript into the URL bar. (#5792)
Added "Extensions..." to window menu. (#8203)
Added stop button for torrent downloads. (#6768)
Added a link to release notes in about:brave. (#6130)
Added context-menu option to close tabs in tab page. (#5489)
Added extension badge colors. (#5367)
Added text badges for extensions. (#5366)
Added selection ability for torrent files. (#8148)
Added temporary notice to sync prefs page regarding mobile sync and Beta label. (#8121)
Added a new tab page for private tabs. (#7934)
Added "Command+Click" to home button (opens home in a new background tab). (#7718)
Added origin display for downloads, including if download was insecure (HTTP). (#7468)
Changed about:preferences#extensions link to go to the extension request category in community. (#8252)
Fixed default browser setting reset after upgrade on Windows. (#5246)
Fixed Brave crash when visiting Brave Twitter page. (#8004)
Fixed crash caused by certain pinned tabs. (#7187)
Fixed opening PDF in new tab fails to load. (#8364)
Fixed zoom shortcut (scroll and zoom feature). (#8438)
Fixed bookmarks are re-synced (uploaded) on every load. (#8408)
Fixed messages shown on extensions page. (#8318)
Fixed extensions so they sort alphabetically. (#8315)
Fixed homepage preference isn't being respected. (#8278)
Fixed screen reader can't identify extension button. (#8269)
Fixed tabs bar size by another 2px based on increased user feedback. (#8263)
Fixed memory leak when opening then closing a lot of tabs rapidly. (#8244)
Fixed about:brave copy to clipboard tooltip. (#8199)
Fixed invisible pinned tab after upgrade. (#8190)
Fixed URL bar shape consistency when payments are enabled/disabled. (#8170)
Fixed creating a bookmark by dragging the Url bar icon. (#8151)
Fixed image title. (#8116)
Fixed readability issues with white tab text on dark tab background. (#8115)
Fixed JavaScript in bookmarks cause connection info box to appear. (#8087)
Fixed LastPass opening in the wrong position when activated by keyboard. (#8034)
Fixed about pages cannot be synced because data is too big. (#8023)
Fixed toggle excluding a site from ledger sometimes removes it from the list. (#7987)
Fixed Sync does not appear to recover from network outage. (#7972)
Fixed Sync losing hierarchy when adding bookmarks to new sync members. (#7971)
Fixed localization ability for delete confirmation message. (#7958)
Fixed default browser setting for Ubuntu. (#7800)
Fixed dead tab when enter is pressed twice after typing in URL. (#7727)
Fixed view source shortcut to be CTRL+U, not CTRL+ALT+U. (#7702)
Fixed submenu position for bookmarks. (#7662)
Fixed right click not dismissing / hiding an open menu. (#7403)
Fixed display of favicons on brave payments list. (#4178)
Fixed context menu subitems display when the window is small. (#1589)
Fixed missing content links for info buttons in preferences. (#5758)
Fixed dragging bookmark into a folder on bookmarks toolbar. (#7019)
Fixed Spotify no longer playing music. (#6881)
Removed old extensions settings area from advanced prefs panel. (#8230)
Removed label from multimedia devices when fingerprinting protection is on. (#7462)
Updated spinner animation on tab loads. (#7779)
Updated 1Password description on extensions page. (#8465)
Updated webtorrent description on extensions page. (#8208)
Upgraded to Chromium 58.0.3029.81. (#8353)
Upgraded to muon 2.58.7. (#8161)
Upgraded to Node v7.9.0. (#8483)


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May 3, 2017
I've tried Brave because the promises sounded great but then I realized that it's just another Chrome spinoff:

"Eich and his team built Brave out of Chromium, which is the foundation for Google's Chrome browser, which leaves most of the actual development and security support to Google." See:
Brave browser promises faster Web by banishing intrusive ads

I already use Opera (based on Chrome now) and Iron (Chrome without calling the Google mothership) so after testing Brave a few times I returned to Firefox.

Providing a clean Google Chrome is still making a black box corporation own the browser market. It didn't work well with Microsoft and is likewise risky with Google. Thus I still prefer real open source software aka FOSS.
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Jan 9, 2017
Dev Channel Beta v0.15.303dev
Release Notes (to be edited):

History slow with 10K bookmarks. (#8767)
Remove the legacy code under paymentsContainer. (#8722)
URL parsing is slow. (#8707)
'Brave wallet QR code' should be localizable. (#8663)
Remove duplicate localization strings (bitcoinAddress and bitcoinPaymentURL). (#8662)
Browser crash with payment enabled when clearing browsing data. (#8659)
Redux component - Menubar. (#8652)
Text inside siteInfo__wrapper should be unselectable. (#8650)
Swipe back/forward is not working. (#8627)
Option to disable blocked count badge (on Lion). (#8613)
Use muon.file.writeImportant to write ledger files. (#8602)
Sync alert needs refactoring followup to #8044. (#8598)
Brave quits when New Tab command issued without window. (#8575)
Brave is not able to remotely debug a Node.js application. (#8571)
Add BrowserButton component. (#8568)
Remove whole frame from onTabsToolbarContextMenu. (#8562)
No progress indicator when reloading page. (#8550)
Download file doesn't show as completed nor the progress indicator stops even after successfully downloading the file. (#8548)
Pinned tabs lose order after re-launch. (#8543)
View Certificate on mixed content site. (#8530)
Pinned tabs reappear next load after unpinning. (#8477)
Pad lock is retained when url text is cut from context menu. (#8468)
Contribution statement page break needs extra padding. (#8467)
Sync is not tracking & merging changes between pyramids which creates a loss of hierarchy. (#8454)
Update to v3.0.1 muon. (#8445)
Reduce warmth on top bars to make them cleaner. (#8425)
Sync should only upload records when important fields are changed. (#8415)
Over aggressive blocking on for RUS: Adguard Russian Filter. (#8398)
Redux component - Frame. (#8392)
Empty Modal Covers (#8390)
Remove store logic from windowActions. (#8380)
Inconsistent 'open in tab' behaviour. (#8374)
Prevent fingerprinting Brave through PDF.JS web_accessible_resources. (#8365)
"Select the last viewed tab" is not working. (#8357)
Add sectionTitle components to about:styles. (#8350)
Add commonForm components to about:styles. (#8349)
Fingerprinting brave via extension resources. (#8323)
Remove ref dependency from Frame. (#8322)
Insecure connection info shown for about pages and new tab . (#8299)
Autofill should automatically move cursor to first entry when adding a new record. (#8280)
Add ledger switch to disable contributions to non-verified sites (in advanced settings). (#8231)
Refactor clearBrowsingDataPanel with commonForm. (#8192)
Update header style on about:preferences pages. (#8165)
Clicking Save Torrent File button does not save .torrent file. (#8146)
Refactor checkDefaultBrowserDialog.js with commonForm. (#8137)
Change breakpoint for close tab icon visibility. (#8130)
Refactor autofillCreditCardPanel.js with commonForm. (#8100)
Refactor autofillAddressPanel.js with commonForm. (#8099)
Bookmarks toolbar: open link in new window. (#8063)
Refactor modalOverlay with Aphrodite. (#8054)
View page source doesn't work for local files. (#8049)
Unify modal dialogs of payments and sync. (#8042)
Refactor payment/history.js. (#8037)
Refactor widevinePanel.js and widevineInfo.js with Aphrodite and commonForm. (#8028)
Refactor loginRequired.js with Aphrodite and commonForm. (#8009)
Mouse cursor visible while in full screen. (#7966)
Alert box with quite lengthy content cannot be closed. (#7930)
Refactor popupWindow.less with Aphrodite. (#7927)
When writing session to disk, ensure we do a flush. (#7876)
When fullscreen (on macOS), move the nav controls left. (#7872)
Increase font size in URL text to match chrome. (#7848)
Bookmark submenu in kabob menu is not dismissed when moved away . (#7816)
FAQ bubble should be next to payments on/off switch, not auto-include. (#7796)
Restructure paymentTab.js. (#7750)
New Session tab submenu goes off screen . (#7748)
Investigate & block social media ads and tracking. (#7678)
All video in Brave should default with autoplay=false, w/site level opt-in exceptions. (#7663)
When maximized, hitboxes seem off for buttons and address bar. (#7641)
Solve issue where black favicons on black tabs are invisible. (#7635)
Add sharing to social media sites (Facebook, twitter, etc.). (#7555)
Maximizing window puts the bottom 1px of window behind the taskbar. (#7215)
Re-import to bookmark toolbar will mess up the order. (#7194)
Faceblock: FB targeted tracking event assessment & protection. (#7000)
Move page-level alerts to below the tabs bar, and add an overlap nub. (#6935)
Custom filters block resource too strictly. (#6883)
Replace input and select elements with and in .bookmarkFormTable. (#6777)
bookmark modal animation is incredibly slow. (#6748)
Opening PDF via Wayback Machine loads different URL. (#6726)
New Tab context menu is retained even after clicking one new tab button. (#6700)
Remove wideButton class from the buttons on the Edit Bookmark dialog . (#6400)
The bookmark hanger being faded in. (#6380)
Make buttons alignment consistent across different modals. (#6372)
Ad-blocker-blocker on The Atlantic. (#6291)
Apply commonForm to addEditBookmarkHanger.js. (#6040)
Maximizing browser extends into second monitor. (#5159)
Increase bookmark text size. (#4050)
Add option to enable/disable HTML5 autoplay. (#4045)
Send URL by email. (#3121)
Pdfjs needs local file access. (#2714)
Block autoplay videos. (#2227)
Allow zoom for UI elements (including font size). (#1937)
Use API: app.dock.downloadFinished(filePath). (#1667)



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Jan 9, 2017
@Cohen , it still babysteps, looong project. Just few semi-active devs. But i have been using it since it starts, just because i like the concept, just install and you have already secure/pretty privacy friend browser. If those guys just be able to pushing it, will be awesome. But all is voluntary, big thumbs up! I support it. Enough said. Thank you!
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Jan 9, 2017
Browse Safer with Brave on Your Side!
At Brave, our goal is to block everything on the web that can cramp your style and compromise your privacy.
Annoying ads are yesterday's news, and cookies stay in your jar where they belong.

Brave blocks harmful advertising
There's a new ad game in town. It's called "Malvertising". The latest display ad technology can install malware on your laptop without your knowledge. But not with Brave watching your back.

Brave redirects sites to HTTPS
We've integrated HTTPS Everywhere into every Brave browser to make sure you are always moving your bits across the safest possible pipe.

Brave blocks Tracking Pixels and Tracking Cookies
Do you ever get that feeling that someone is watching you when you see an ad for something you bought a few days ago? We make sure you aren't being tracked while you shop online and browse your favorite sites.

Brave is open source!

Join us on GitHub and contribute to Brave as we build the web of the future.
We believe in having an open source community. It’s our web and we want to fix it as a team, so everything from our backend to the frontend is open. We are progressing quickly so expect to see new commits on an hourly basis.

Release 0.15.310 Dev Channel · brave/browser-laptop · GitHub
released this May 26, 2017 · 2 commits to dev-channel since this release.

    • Optimized various UI features for when user has large amounts of data. (#9079)
    • Added new faster URL bar autocomplete and suggestions engine. (#7453)
    • Added Chromium password manager autofill with browser autofill. (#3530)
    • Added an option to block autoplay videos. (#2227)
    • Added ability to zoom UI. (including font size). (#1937)
    • Added a View Certificate option on mixed content sites. (#8530)
    • Added send URL by email. (#3121)
    • Added sharing to social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). (#7555)
    • Added the ability to close developer tools via keyboard shortcut on macOS. (#45)
    • Added option to disable blocked count badge (on Lion). (#8613)
    • Added ledger switch to disable contributions to non-verified sites (in advanced settings). (#8231)
    • Added open link in new window option in the bookmarks toolbar. (#8063)
    • Changed header style on about:preferences pages. (#8165)
    • Changed font-size to be slightly bigger in the URL bar. (#7848)
    • Fixed typing fast in URL bar after new tab gets partially cleared. (#8959)
    • Fixed swipe back / forward on trackpads not working. (#8627)
    • Fixed PDF reading for file:/// URLs. (#2714)
    • Fixed "View page source" not working for file:/// URLs. (#8049)
    • Fixed when maximized, hitboxes seem off for buttons and address bar on Windows. (#7641)
    • Fixed pinned tabs lose order after re-launch. (#8543)
    • Fixed pinned tabs can reappear next load after unpinning. (#8477)
    • Fixed opening PDF via Wayback Machine loads different URL. (#6726)
    • Fixed Ad-blocker-blocker on The Atlantic. (#6291)
    • Fixed empty modal covers (#8390)
    • Fixed "Select the last viewed tab" option. (#8357)
    • Fixed fingerprinting Brave via extension resources. (#8323)
    • Fixed clicking Save Torrent File button does not save .torrent file. (#8146)
    • Fixed mouse cursor being visible while in full screen when viewing video. (#7966)
    • Fixed WebGL antifingerprint. (#8448)
    • Fixed maximizing browser extends into second monitor. (#5159)
    • Fixed Brave wallet QR code is now localizable. (#8663)
    • Fixed writing session to disk, ensure data is flushed. (#7876)
    • Fixed writing ledger files to disk, ensure data is flushed. (#8602)
    • Fixed custom filters block resource too strictly. (#6883)
    • Fixed pressing tab should cycle through the URL bar suggestion results. (#8919)
    • Fixed scrolling with alert boxes with lengthy content. (#7930)
    • Fixed browser crash with payment enabled when clearing browsing data. (#8659)
    • Fixed Faceblock: FB targeted tracking event assessment & protection. (#7000)
    • Fixed pad lock is retained when URL text is cut from context menu. (#8468)
    • Fixed new Session tab submenu goes off screen. (#7748)
    • Fixed no progress indicator when reloading page. (#8550)
    • Fixed Brave quits when New Tab command issued without window. (#8575)
    • Fixed insecure connection info shown for about pages and new tab. (#8299)
    • Upgraded to Chromium 58.0.3029.110. (#8962)
    • Upgraded to muon 3.0.201. (#8445)
Milestones - brave/browser-laptop · GitHub


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Oct 9, 2016
Brave browser is open source based on it is supposedly a privacy-conscious browser.

So are Chromium, Iridium, SRWare Iron browsers.......but they do phone home to Google which means they are not so privacy-conscious despite being open-sourced.

Does anyone knows whether Brave phones home to Google?
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