Bugs, Frustrating issues, signs of being virused

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Mar 2, 2020
Hmm. Why do I have to do that?
Im a bit confused.
This was a bug on a game that I consider a sign of being virused. One of those bugs.

Or should I try that to resolve the bug.

What are the signs of a virus? If for example im in a game, I alt + tab and for a fraction of second on the middle of the screen is an image with whole screen but for 2x2 cm or something.
That is a sign?

I dont know how to find the problem that cause my devices to be so slow, to get all these bugs from time to time and so on.
I have to do an operation multiple times until I can open an app or close a window etc.
Some graphics problems too but that could not be just a virus.

Problems with network sometimes.

I dont know how to solve this problem :(

And another thing if you want to help me.
Is there a way to delete all my history somehow to get notifications, recommended videos on different platforms as I didnt search for any video before?
For example not to get videos about apple, ozns... on some apps. Or ads etc
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Mar 2, 2020
I started searching for videos about lagging on iphone 12 and I found this :

But a comment is more important than the video itself and it says :
“Even the UI Performance of my 12 Pro is crappy, lags sometimes while opening and closing apps, sometimes the phone is fast, other times have drop frames, using normal use, not gaming and it stutters a bit on scrolls. My 11 is much smoother and fas! no lag at all.”

So this is exactly the same problem as me.
And the phone is brand new bought recently.
I thought that could be a virus but I think its normal? Specific iphone 12.
But what about other devices? Just problem with hardware, getting older etc?

Im a bit better now that I found this comment and I know that others have exactly the same problem as me with scroll and lag but I want to know and the cause from different problems that I have.

So is normal to have so many bugs on everything?
My pc was slow before first fix, after the fix it feels much smoother but after 7-10 days it went back to slow speed.
So it definitely not a problem with the hardware only if some components are damaged and they dont work as expected.


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Nov 5, 2019

This problem with you phone should be investigated with Experts in that field.

I suggest you navigate to this Forum.

Choose the operating systems Forum and ask for help there.

I will leave this topic open for 6 days.
If you need to return please do.
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