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Level 5

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Level 5
R72 Rev 6 is out.
1. Added support for Drive Extender NTFS reparse points - a simple matter of adding a reparse point of 0x80000005 to the list of RP types that are treated as regular file system entries.

2. Resolved an UI issue with closing of the message bar - in some very rare cases the message bar that floats up at the bottom of the window would end up in a slight overlap with the window contents. The UI would detect this and panic, so that I could take a look at why it happens and put a proper fix in. This is the fix.

3. Resolved an issue with network location monitoring - deleting a backup job that is in the "waiting for the network location" state didn't clear the actual location monitoring task and that caused the app trip a self-consistency check when the task completed. No more.

4. Reworked the code for disabling local file buffering
- there's a way to tell Windows to *not* to do any local buffering when reading/writing a file over the network. This is meant to speed up the copying of larger files. The official way as described in MSDN simply doesn't work, so prior to this release the app resorted to using Zw... API as a replacement. Apparently, in some exceedingly rare cases this resulted in the app going down. The issue was further complicated by the fact that when it happened, this produced no stack trace. Long story short, the change was to switch to using Nt... version of the same API as it appears to be in a wide(r) use and it's generally accepted to be stable.

Download Link for 2 weeks free-trial: http://bvckup2.com/get

Source: https://www.bvckup2.com/support/forum/topic/502/3085


Level 5
R73 Rev 7 is out
Resolved an issue with the planning module - it didn't retrieve IDs of new files unless at least one file was deleted. This effectively disabled rename detection for these new files, should they in fact get renamed later on.

Resolved a couple of issues with the log viewer - the viewer would show "Indexing ... 99%" upon log rotation until at least one entry was added to the new log file. The viewer now also automatically re-indexes log files if it runs into an index corruption (that may happen when the computer is shut down abruptly).

Resolved an issue with deleting of a backup job - the app was removing backup configuration and log files *before* it actually closed and released the logs. As a result .log files weren't deleted.

Resolved an issue with pausing simulated backup runs - when running a simulation of a disabled job, pressing Stop and then Go erroneously enabled the job instead of resuming it (and the second Go press was required to actually resume it).

Resolved an issue with one of the SMTP override options - the "email.conf.validate_cert" override wasn't observed by the email module in certain cases.

Added support for "LOGIN" mail server authentication - previously the email module supported only PLAIN authentication.

Added %WinDir%\WinSxS as a default exclude - this is a fairly big system directory where Windows Update stores lots of data (that it needed for rolling back the updates if requested). Not only it takes a lot of space, it also has a flat structure with thousands of subfolders sitting directly in WinSxS.

Source: https://www.bvckup2.com/support/forum/topic/539/3317

Download Link for 2 weeks free-trial: http://bvckup2.com/get


Level 5
R73 Rev 8 is out

Fixes one very exotic issue with how the app handled corrupted backup logs.

Power-cycling a computer while an app is actively writing into a file may cause this file getting filled with zeroes or even some junk. This is a general issue related to how write-caching works. When this happened to a backup log, the app would still try and work through the corrupted part and only if the corruption is too large, it would give up and ignore this particular log file.

The issue was triggered by having a partially indexed backup.0.log file that has a corruption in the part that wasn't yet indexed. There is a very specific and rare set of circumstances when this could happen and the app didn't do a proper job handling this case. Fixed now.


Download Link for 2 weeks free-trial
: http://bvckup2.com/get


Level 5
New version is out - R74.21 - update is recommended

1. Resolved an issue with 12-month backups set for December - a fix for Bvckup 2 | Forum | Feature requests and suggestions

2. Resolved an issue with .ini overrides for archive tags - this has to do with manually blanking conf.archive_deleted_tag not being sticky. That is when you set it to "", it would revert back to the default on the next backup configuration change.

3. Extended environment variable set to cover pre/post commands - 8 additional env. variables are now set up when pre/post commands are spawned and when email alerts are formatted. In particular,

BVCKUP_pre_command -- the actual pre command
BVCKUP_pre_command_status -- "executing", "executed", "timed out"
BVCKUP_pre_command_exit_code -- the exit code once executed
BVCKUP_pre_command_elapsed -- time taken to execute

Post command has the same set with BVCKUP_post_...

Download link: https://www.bvckup2.com/get