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I'm using windows 8.1 so can i use ESET v8 since v9 has come out. will there be any security issues? will eset phase out the v8 slowly?

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it is always better to use the latest version, bugs and flaws are mostly solved in the new one.
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I use nod32 av v8 in windows 8.1 its fine.

When I tried v9 (admittedly during beta), its HIPS was broken (rules got corrupt) and I hate the new UI which is slow and too big.

However according to marcos on the eset forums they plan to roll out an update for v8 users to update to v9 :(, after which I assume v8 may become unsupported.


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Yes you may however be aware for announcement since usually they give 1 year validity to support for signatures and developments where urge to upgrade for latest version.


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yes I am now getting Windows 10 GWX style with "on top" windows encouraging me to upgrade to v9, this happens even when check for new versions is disabled in settings.