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Cyber security and defense is now an important field of interest because of rising hacking attacks on small networks and enterprise networks. Even government organizations are not secure, with hacker groups like Anonymous, Lulzsec and others having been and remaining a threat. So the point of consideration is that an organization should have enough security researchers, penetration testers and the solution to fight against these hacking attacks.

Ethical hackers or penetration testers would be a first level of defense for a network and a web application because they attack like a black hat hacker attack, they find the vulnerabilities (weaknesses) of a network. So how can an organization judge the skills of a penetration tester? There are different ways. Well we want to challenge your skills as a cracker and a ethical hacker, via the challenge Can You Crack It? As this is the title of this article, you must have had an idea that this article would show you a challenge.
Full story: http://www.ehacking.net/2011/11/can-you-crack-it-challenge.html


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I cracked it in 5 seconds flat thanks to Google. That page in your screenshot can easily be reached from the public and the CCHQ website.
A disappointment for those who thought only the ones who crack it get to see the Apply button.

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Damn... they wasted my time..

Oh well i am not a British citizen so i can not apply anyway :p


It took me a bit of time but got it... however what's with the salary?!