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List of current issues
unable to boot Hiren's Boot CD PE 64bit
Steps taken, but have been unsuccessful?
This is the screen I end up with after booting Hiren's PE, made it using Yumi tool:



Level 3
Try make with Rufus, same output on screen?

Regards, :)

I will try make the same with another program, and if it happens again, I will try make a different boot image for another software, like, example, Rescatux, and see if it happens again.

Maybe that Yumi doesn't do the things like Hirens wants :whistle:

Not sure about this...

I remember to have some problems with some USB stick, using some particular distros, if it is a USB stick try change, if it is a real CD, maybe is damaged or corrupted data wrote on surface, experienced the same with OpenSuse, a damaged DVD was failing during the install, lucky OpenSuse saw that and aborted install.