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Dec 31, 1969
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cannot install google chrome and got pop up warning "unknown installer error"
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download stand alone installer for 64 bit but still not work (with same warning)


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Last month, I installed slimjet browser as companion browser in laptop (my main browser is cyberfox). And today I want to install "pure" version of slim jet which is google chrome.
I installed it using installer from official google site, however it can't be done and gave warning "unknown installer error".
I remember that I still have slimjet installed and I think there is incompatibility issue if installing 2 webkit/blinks browser. So, slimjet is being uninstalled and I downloaded standalone 64 bit installer from google to reduce installation problem risk. I cleaned registry using CCleaner, restarted and tried again.

However, I still facing same problem. Please help me to solve this problem. :(


Geek Uninstaller would save you a load of time in the future from having to use CCleaner messing around with your registries, looking for leftover folders/files, etc.
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