Level 2 was opening till a week ago, but now Chrome says connection timed out and won’t load. I tried resetting the router/modem by pressing the reset button for 90 sec, a couple of times, but it did not reset at all.
Also tried from Explorer, same result. It doesn't go back to default settings.


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Hummm, have you tried from FF, or Vivaldi ?
I know this is frustrating, also try turning off the WiFi and connecting only the router if your
using a modem in concert with the router and try it that way.


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If your modem came with any configuration CD like D-link does you can configure your modem using vendor's software. It is weird you can't access modem page by entering Are you sure the modem is not faulty ? Lightning strikes can kill a modem silently.
Did you change the IP address from

Do you have a ethernet cable you could use for a short time to check the connection from the modem/router?


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There should be a physical reset button on the back of the router (what router do you have?) Push down on the physical reset button for 10 seconds, power it off, and retry.


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Tried the ethernet but nothing opened.
I've unplugged it and then pressed reset for more than a minute. Same.


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Verified doesn't work for me either, I've always used; Try that and see how it goes. :)

Bryan Lam

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PM me mate, I can help. I've worked on routers for a few years at my IT place and there are methods available which allow you to reset your router through your PC assuming you have an ethernet cable.

John Connor

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Open a command prompt and type "ipconfig /all" to see what the default gateway address is. Once you have it, type that into the browser window. If it starts with "169" then you're not getting a connection to the router itself. What is the make/model of the router?

Also, go into network connections and make sure the NIC adapter is turned on and find out what the status is under "details".